10 Points You Must Be Aware Of Aircon Servicing

We do spend quite a bit of money when we buy an air conditioner and therefore we would like to get the best value for money at all points of time. An air conditioner transfers warm air from the interiors of the home and replaces it with cool air. This gives relief from heat during peak summers and helps us to remain comfortable. Today the technology behind air conditioners has changed quite a bit and therefore you have efficient and space-saving machines which are as good as the old machines which used to occupy a lot of space. While buying an air conditioner is just one side of the story, we should know how to maintain them properly. It calls for having the right kind of servicing. We are sharing below ten important tips to be kept in mind when it comes to aircon servicing. We hope and believe that it will help you to enjoy the coolest of environments and also increase the life of your air conditioners quite significantly.

Aircon Servicing

Be Aware Of Fire Hazards

Ignoring necessary and important air conditioner repair could lead to potential fire hazards. There are quite a bit of studies which prove that a number of fires in homes are caused because of faulty air conditioners, fans and other electrical appliances and devices. Each year there are thousands of cases of fires being caused in homes because of faulty air conditioners and other such equipment. Most of these problems arise because of improper maintenance and servicing of the air conditioners. It also leads to avoidable deaths and injuries and loss of property. Hence you must ensure that the air conditioners are serviced regularly to avoid such accidents. It also could help quite a bit in improving the life of these costly appliances.

Ensure That The Filters Are Working Fine

Filters have a big role to play in ensuring pure and clean air and therefore you must make sure that they are working fine. Since they attract dust and debris quite rapidly regular cleaning of the same is of utmost important. You must not hesitate to change the filters every now and then and at times regular cleaning alone may not be helpful.

Are Your Ducts Working Fine

When you have centralized air conditioning systems, it is quite obvious that you will have ducts running around the entire length and breadth of your home. Duct leakage is a common problem especially when the air conditioners are running at 100% capacity. A leaking duct could not only lead to energy inefficiency but also put extra load on the compressor. This should be corrected immediately failing which you could see the compressor not being in a position to take the overload. You must ensure that the ducts are properly insulated using high quality mastic. This is a sticky substance which can be painted on the ducts. Just by fixing leaks you will be able to increase the capacity of your air conditioner by as much as half a ton.

Aircon Servicing

Regular Cleaning Of Coils Is A Must

Clean coils contribute quite a bit to air conditioning life and it cannot be cleaned by direct touch. You have to depend on other ways and methods. You could try and use a spray which will make sure that the coils are cleaned thoroughly. Clean coils help in better condensation which is important for optimal cooling. Hence, it is quite obvious that the coils must be free of dust.

Importance Of Ventilation

Air conditioners have an important role of ventilating your home. It makes sure that the contaminants which get generated inside the home are pushed out. Hence regular aircon servicing is a must for improved ventilation. Regular ventilation will ensure that there is efficient exchange of air every few hours. However, if you have homes with walls and ducts the best of ventilation may not be required. New homes with the best of walls and windows might certainly require high quality ventilation.

Ensure Proper Working Of Timers

Most modern day air conditioners come with timers. They ensure that energy wastage is avoided and electricity bills are reduced significantly. However, the onus lies on us to ensure that the timers are always cleaned and serviced. It would always be advisable to replace the timer if you find that it cannot be serviced. Not spending money on timers would be akin to being pennywise pound foolish.

Legal Compliance

Your air conditioning servicing will be as good as the kind of professionals and mechanics you select. Hence you must keep this point in mind. Further, the technicians and the aircon company must be aware of the legal rules and regulations which must be adhered to. At the end of the day, as a customer you must always be on the right side of the law at all points of time.

Aircon Servicing

Regular Cleaning Of Ducts

Apart from being aware about leaking ducts, regular cleaning of the ducts is also important in a centralized environment. Ducts and vents are potential sources of growth of bacteria, virus and microorganisms. You must therefore ensure that you hire the right air conditioning mechanics who can go deep into ducts and ensure thorough cleaning of the same.

Regularity Of Cleaning & Servicing

Regular cleaning, servicing and overhauling are important points which you must never lose sight of. As a customer, you must set timetables and routines for cleaning of various fixed and moving parts of the air conditioners and fixtures and fittings. There should not be any miss outs on such timetables and schedules.

Look For Experienced Professionals

Finally, if you are really serious about thorough aircon servicing you must be sure that you are handing over the job to professionals. They should carry with them the right experience and expertise. Air conditioners are complex appliances and there are many aspects of cleaning and maintenance which must be taken into account. You must, as a rule of the thumb look only for those service providers who carry with them at least 10 to 15 years of service.


At the end of the day, investing in air conditioning systems is just one part of the story. Maintaining them in good condition is a continuous and long drawn process and you must be ready to invest the right funds and infrastructure into it.

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