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How To Choose Trusted Aircon Company in Singapore?

The service provider that you select should be able to provide follow up services. The company should be available at all times once the job has been accomplished. The company should value good customer relations. In this regard, it is important to enter a contract that will bind a service provider to take responsibility of what it does. This will enable you to get a company that understand what it is doing since no company will like to take responsibility of its work if it has done it in a compromised way. Don t also forget that a reputable aircon company offers the best service at affordable rates. Therefore, let the company not take advantage of you by charging high rates i.e. rates that are not reasonable when compared with the quality of service.

In Singapore, it is a government requirement that all service providers register for insurance. Insurance acts as a form of precaution. In case anything goes wrong during the repair work, you will have a peace of mind since you will be working with a company that has the right documentations.

A reputable aircon company should have the necessary qualifications and documentations. For a consumer to confirm this, he/she should ask for the necessary documentations. This include practicing certificates as well as licenses. A registered company will exert the necessary seriousness while executing its duty since it understands the repercussions that come with offering substandard services. Do not rely too much on advertisements but take your time to interview the service providers before entering into any contract. Do not fail to check if the company has the right equipment and tools because this will determine the quality and reliability of services that you get.

Working with a company s referrals is a good idea. The referrals will give you first-hand information about the reliability and quality of services that is offered by the company. This will enable you to select a company without necessarily relying on what the company tells you about its quality of its services.

Why It Is Dangerous To Hire Unreliable Aircon Company?

Cool, clean and fresh air is very important if you want to have a good sleep, to concentrate in work and to relax in peace. If you are living in a hot country like Singapore, life can become almost impossible without an air conditioner. An air conditioner is a machine and like all other machines it can also cause troubles. To avoid sudden repairs and the resultant sleepless nights you have to get the services of a good aircon company. You have to be very careful in choose the best reliable aircon company because there are many risks involved in choosing an unreliable company.

You need a professional with expert knowledge if you want to get the best results. An unreliable aircon company may not have a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Inexperienced people with little or no technical knowledge may ruin your air conditioner.

Do you know that there are many varieties of air conditioner and there are many models? Do you know that each and every model and type needs different treatment and different care? If you go for an unreliable Aircon company, they may not know the exact details on how to handle your unit. If your air conditioner is not given the right treatment, the problem may not be solved.

If you choose an unreliable company for your aircon needs, you are wasting your hard earned money in many ways. You waste your money for imperfect service. Imperfect service may not help your air conditioner to give 100% performance. It may take a long time to cool, The power consumption can increase. This will certainly increase your power bills. When your air conditioner does not function properly, you have to go to another reliable company. Your expenses are doubled. Why should you waste your money in an unreliable aircon company?

You cannot predict when your air conditioner would start to shoot trouble. An unreliable company will certainly not provide 24 hours of service. You have to suffer from sleepless nights and irritating days if your air conditioner is not repaired promptly. Do you want to sit inside a hot stove until your air conditioner is set right?

I am sure the health of your family is more important for you than anything else in this world. Are you a business owner? If so, the health of your employees is also very important, isn’t it? If you want your family and your workers to be healthy, the air from your air conditioning should be clean. If not serviced properly, it may spread many disease causing microorganisms in the air. Your air conditioner needs to be serviced by a reliable aircon company if you want to prevent diseases and allergies.

Regular servicing can avoid many ill effects. An unreliable aircon company will not provide regular service promptly and punctually. Delay or failure in servicing your air conditioner will lead to many undesired consequences like unhealthy air, risks of repair, more power consumption and ineffective cooling etc.

It is clear that there are too many dangers involved in hiring an unreliable aircon company. Hire a reliable company, avoid the risks and enjoy the benefits. Do some research, make the right decision and avoid regrets in the future.


    All You Need To Know About Aircon Installation, Servicing and Repair

    In Singapore, it is not uncommon the weather to get hot and humid. This calls for air conditioning installation and regular servicing to ensure right and tolerable environment. The only way to ensure that you have a safe and conducive working environment is by engaging a conditioning company. Technicians from the aircon company will regularly clean and service your unit. It is important you know that servicing and cleaning your aircon unit does not only make the unit work great, it also reduces your electricity bill by saving power. Units that are not serviced properly use more energy to run. Efficient units, which are well serviced, save up to 40% time. This reduces your electric bill by more than a quarter.

    In the industry, air conditioning is not only for a conducive human working environment. The machines have an optimal level of room temperature where they work properly. The services of an aircon company will be needed to ensure your machines run efficiently and produce the best results. Also, it is not only the results that will be compromised when conditioning is not done. Machines like computers can break down due to extreme temperatures. This will cost the company more to re install the machines than it would cost you to install and service an aircon unit.

    All companies and industries not only in Singapore but also across the world prioritize maximum yield from both the machines and workers. A comfortable environment that is not hot or freezing will increase the performance of workers. As the owner of a work place, you should ensure your aircon unit does not stop by having a servicing company standby. Alternatively, you can get a portable backup unit for maximum performance of your employees. When you cut down on expenses, which is a common practice with businesses, ensure you do not cut down on aircon unit expenditure. In fact, personally I can advise a business owner to divert some of the profit realized to servicing the aircon unit. It ensures optimum production by both the workers and machines. In the long run, you will realize growth of the business.

    Now that you have your aircon unit in place, you have the servicing strategy in place, who do you call for servicing? It is hot and humid and during one of the afternoons your unit stops working, you will not just run into the directory and ring the first contact to come and do the repair. It is vital to know who is dealing with your unit. Is it in safe hands? Will it break down the next day after you spend money on it today? Although it is never guarantee that when you repair your unit it will not break down again, however, the time it needs to take for the next repair should be reasonable. In this section, we are going to look at factors to consider selecting the best aircon repairer.

    The duration taken by the company you have tendered to do your aircon servicing is very important as far as production and safety of machines is concerned. Delay of the repair team can cost you machines like computers and workers will produce very little.so, the company should be able to respond very fast. They also need to be available 24 hours, 7 day. You never know on which day and at what time your unit will break down. You cannot close down a factory because your aircon unit service company is not working. Choose a company that works 24 hours 7 days of the week, which can send you a technician any time you need one.

    Aircon repair companies that are legit in Singapore are licensed. Aircon units are not cheap to install. This means that the person you trust to repair them should do a good job and restore it back to normality. Only trained, licensed and professionals should be allowed to service and repair your system. You can confirm the eligibility of a technician by asking for a professional certificate awarded by a recognized body or institution. It is very important that you do not allow any other unqualified personnel to repair your unit if you want it to last longer. Beware of fake certificates.

    You do need to have doubts letting the technician enter your premises the time they arrive at work. It is important they come ready for work, in this case, they need to be well dressed and with the necessary toolbox at hand. The technician should produce the necessary identification, certification and working tools at the gate, otherwise do not let them in.

    What are other people saying about the company you are just about to hire? Some companies can do very good work but they are unreliable and take longer than necessary. Positive feedback from previous clients is a good sign to go ahead and hire them. A well reputable company should give you 100% guarantee that the work they have done for you is safe and satisfactory.


    However, there are no set rules in Singapore that detect the procedure to use in selecting an aircon repair company. You can spare some time and do research on the aircon agencies around you. You can write down several agencies and compare their competence, credentials and even prices. The company that will fall into your standards, according to the way you have planned, will be the right one. Go ahead contact and hire them.

    The internet also has numerous listings of companies that you can compare and contrast during your research. One thing that will remain constant is the certification of the staff and technicians of the company you want to hire. Do not compromise on certification and eligibility. Following the above line of thought, and implementing it in case you have not, it will see you produce more than you are doing at the moment.

    What Our Clients Saying

    • Came out Monday morning and by the afternoon he had the parts and the aircon was back up running . Excellent service and very reasonably priced . Will definitely recommend John to anyone!
      Victoria Ng
    • I had a problem with my air conditioner this hot afternoon, so I called Singapore Aircon Service. The technician arrived at my home less than 30 minutes later and fixed the problem. I have no reason whatsoever to leave them because they came through for me when they didn’t really have to. Thank you so much.
      Lucus Chok
    • My air conditioner has been so cool since you worked on it. A guest of mine thought I just had it installed until I told him I’ve had it for 2 years. I want to thank everyone at Singapore Aircon Service for repairing my A/C, which is literally saving my life during this crazy heat wave.
      Lily Ten

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