When Do You Need To Topup Your Aircon Gas?

Aircons are very common appliances used in Singapore for cooling houses and also warming them during cold days. In fact, so common are these devices here, that it is almost unimaginable to fathom a life without aircons. To be able to serve you better, these devices need a sufficient supply of aircon gas on a timely basis. Also, maintenance and servicing are important equipments in ensuring that these gadgets remain and perform at top levels.

But most people don’t know why they should top up the aircon gas. The reason is simple. The aircon’s tubing system may be damaged, something that may lead to the leaking of refrigerant. The leaking might go on for years without noticing, but others will normally take only a short period of time. In fact, almost all aircons leak, and therefore need constant refilling of aircon gas such as Freon gas. Finding the exact point that leaks doesn’t require being an expert. So how do you know that it is time to top up your aircon gas?

This refers to the amount of time the air conditioner takes in order to cool the room. An aircon that is working properly will only need a short time to cool the room. You will also realize that there is significant difference between the time it takes to cool your room now and the time it took when it was new. If this persists, there is a need for aircon gas top up. The best thing to do is to call up a gas servicing company and have your aircon refilled with a high quality Freon gas.

Ordinarily, an aircon ought to run only for a short period of time and stop after the room has cooled to the required temperatures. But if you realize that your aircon runs without stopping, and that it takes your intervention for it to stop, then it requires servicing. There are usually two things that can cause this problem. The first one is that the cooling capacity of your aircon has gone down, or that its temperature sensor has malfunctioned. Whatever the cause of the problem, you need to take it to a servicing company so that the aircon gas can be replaced.

A new or a properly serviced aircon doesn’t produce a lot of noise. However, as you continue to use it, parts become worn out and loosen up. Thus, it produces noise. When this becomes too much, it is a sign that it needs servicing. Part of proper includes replenishing it with high quality aircon gas like Freon gas.

A new and properly functioning aircon turns on and off after quite some time and not just every so often. It should be on for a given period of time, and also take some time before it is on again. It certainly needs servicing if it turns on and off more frequently than it used to do. Take it up for aricon gas filling at a trusted aircon servicing company.

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