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In a country like Singapore with a warm and humid climate it is necessary to install air conditioners to ensure optimal comfort. Like any other machine the aircon system also depreciate with time irrespective of their installation technique, nature of function and expected efficiency. They progressively start to lose their efficiency, consume more power, drain your profits and increase your worries if it is not properly maintained. Hence aircon servicing is not only a necessity but has become a part of the life of the Singaporeans. Regular and routine maintenance and repairs of your air conditioners extends the life and helps it to operate at peak efficiency.

What are the various aircon services that we provide?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional and outstanding aircon services, providing superior quality and reliable air conditioning solutions for both residential and commercial customers in Singapore. Our services comprise of best aircon servicing, aircon chemical wash, aircon repairing, aircon installation, Freon gas topup and aircon overhaul.

The aircon services provided by our company is highly professional and comes in varying degrees depending upon the brand of aircon the customer has installed, the usage levels and other environmental factors. Generally it involves vacuuming the dust and grime that has accumulated over time. We even undertake to remove and clean the filters, condenser unit, evaporator coils, the blower wheel, fan blades and the drain pan. We even take the responsibility of checking for noise problems and whether all the electrical components are intact. All these are performed by our skilled team of dedicated and reliable technicians who are certified and committed to serious service. Studies evidence that this regular tune up of your aircon unit will save its original productivity and reduce your energy bills considerably.

Chemical overhaul/cleaning is a thorough and perfect way of cleaning an air conditioning unit. When your air conditioner is badly choked and clogged a general service could be of no help to improve its performance. In such a case a chemical overhaul in needed where the entire unit is dismantled part by part and washed with appropriate chemicals. By implementing the use of a specialized aircon chemical agent the fan coil, blowers, condenser and the evaporator coils are thoroughly cleaned. This chemical solution will effectively loosen and dissolve any form of stubborn dust or grime that has accumulated due to prolonged usage. The drain pipes are also flushed with this chemical solution. A thorough chemical wash is highly recommended at least once in a year to significantly improve the performance and efficiency of your aircon units. A chemical wash also ensures huge savings on your energy bills and also prolongs the life span of your aircon unit.

Regular usage of the air conditioning unit reduces its performance and also results in break down and repairs. We undertake to repair damaged compressors that occur due to lack of refrigerant gas. This may be due to leakage of refrigerant gas. We also undertake to repair the compressor or replace the entire compressor unit. Mould or dirt build up can prevent the evaporator coils from working effectively. We assure to repair your evaporator coils or replace it if in case need arises. The blower fan or the blower motor can be damaged if it is too choked with dust and dirt. This can also cause the fan blower to be noisy. Repairing or replacing of the blower fan or motor is also done by our expert professionals. Sometimes your remote may not work. This is because it comprises of electronic chips and sensors which do not last long and require repairs or replacement. Let our professional to handle all the above problems and repair your aircon unit the way you want it.

We also provide trusted and affordable aircon installation services. Our team of qualified installers assures safe installation at unbelievably reasonable prices. We make sure that the pipes and wires are connected properly without any leakages and insulation is done perfectly. Finally we test the running of the system. Proper wire installation and insulation prevents possibility on any mishaps. Our experienced staff also guides you in selecting the most cost effective and energy efficient aircon system. Last but not the least our aircon specialist will also provide you with tips in choosing the aircon that blends well and complements your home or office décor.

Our aircon services also include topping up of aircon gas. If your aircon gas levels are low it is an indication that the unit is experiencing a slight leakage. As the compressor is the heart of the aircon unit leakage can reduce the efficiency and cause the evaporator coil to freeze. It can also cause the compressor to overheat ultimately resulting in a break down. We undertake gas topup to ensure that your aircon functions well and you are not vulnerable to extremely uncomfortable air conditions. Make sure to keep an eye on the gas levels of your aircon unit.

An aircon overhaul is quite indispensable to keep your air conditioning unit performing in an optimal working condition. A full overhaul is undertaken by us by dismantling the entire unit for thorough inspection. This should be a routine part of your aircon unit maintenance and performed once in a year. A thorough overhauling of your aircon unit by our experienced staff ensures proper cooling, noise free functioning and maximum performance capacity. We also promise to remove air blockage, accumulated dust particles, restore corroded parts, clear drain pipes and eliminate operational noise in order to restore clean and cool air.


It is prudent to keep your aircons functioning in a top-notch working condition. This is possible only if you maintain a maintenance regime. Hire our professional aircon services to prevent any occurrence of major problems and to ensure a consistent flow of clean and cool air. We guarantee that you will never be disappointed with our services as 100% customer satisfaction is our motto. Call us today and enhance your aircon’s life and longevity.

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