When Do You Need An Aircon Overhaul?

Though it is good to install an aircon in your home in Singapore to get fresh and clean air all the time but its maintenance is equally important to keep it in proper working condition. You can enjoy the comfort of the fresh air circulating in your home if you keep your aircon in good working condition. You will have to take some effective steps if your aircon is not giving cold and fresh air. Aircon overhaul is one of the effective steps that are used for its maintenance.

You need an aircon overhaul if it stops working properly due to:

– Improper maintenance of unit
– Faulty air compressors
– Dirty filters
– Leakage of refrigerants
– Improper working of condensing unit

Aircon overhaul procedure can help you in cleaning and reconditioning your aircon thoroughly. This process focuses on cleaning the machine and various parts of your aircon which are affected with the dirt and dust after their long use. The aircons that are not maintained since long should be cleaned through aircon overhaul procedure not only for its effective working but also to increase its life. Certain chemicals are used in this procedure to clean the aircon to restore its functionality to its optimum which can not be done otherwise.

You have to do aircon overhaul very carefully even if you know how to do it? You should first of all dismantle your aircon and then clean its each and every part thoroughly. You should clean its filters by using chemicals so that they can provide you clean and fresh air for long time. Chemical cleaning of the filters to enable them giving you dust and allergens free air which can be harmful for the people having breathing problem or other respiratory diseases. Now you should lubricate the bearings of its fan to ensure its noiseless working. The drainage system of the unit should also be cleaned with the help of chemical to stop the problem of water leakage from it while operating it.

The fan evaporator coil of the aircon unit is also cleaned with chemical to make it dust free which can otherwise hinder the proper transferring of the heat throughout the unit. The refrigerant gas used to exchange the heat in the aircon is also topped up during aircon overhaul. In this way you can ensure the proper working of your aircon by using chemicals in this process. You can clean out all the accumulated dust and dirt sucked by your aircon while giving you cold and fresh air since long time.

Aircon overhaul through chemicals is also essential to check its controls and thermostat. Before replacing your aircon into the wall you should test its working. All the parts which were cleaned by using chemicals should be cleaned properly with fresh water to avoid corrosion later on while using it for fresh and clod air. While reinstalling the fan coil unit of your aircon you should also ensure the cleaning of blower wheel, drain pan and fan blades. In order to check the proper functioning of your aircon you should check its pressure also.

Thus aircon overhaul should be done when it stops giving fresh and cool air.

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