Will Old Air Con Consume More Energy?

Most Singapore residents who own older air-conditioners can attest that they are far less energy efficient compared to the modern ones. With time they tend to accumulate dirt on the filters thus making them unable to refresh the air as expected. Dysfunctional condenser and evaporator coils can also increase electricity bills. In some cases, water droplets accumulating at the base of a worn-out machine can trigger the growth of mold which poses serious health hazards to family members. Nevertheless, if you still plan to keep the machine there are some techniques that can be used to subsidize energy usage.

Will Old Air Con Consume More Energy?

How To Reduce Energy Consumption On Your Old Air Con

1. Locate where the filter is placed and try to clean or replace it after every 2-6 month interval. Note that it may be fitted in other exterior surfaces other than the air conditioner itself, such as the furnace, ceiling or wall. Change the filter more often if there are furry pets in the house, or you are living in a dusty Singapore suburban.

2. Regularly check the machine’s outer condenser coil and rake away debris or leaves that may have accumulated inside it with time. If the condenser is situated next to a tree or shrub, use your trimming shears to cut it back 2ft away from your coil. Wash away any residual soil matter using a garden hose.

3. Check the Air Con’s evaporator coil at least once in a month. If the filter is well-maintained then it wouldn’t give you any problems, however since older units tend to accumulate dust fast it would be appropriate to wipe the evaporator coil with a mild thinning solution that can deal with dried-in stains.

4. Remove screws that support the machine’s front grille once you notice a stale odour coming from them, this can help expose the drain hole which may be clogged with debris and acting as a breeding ground for bacteria. Ensure that water drains freely within the device, if there’s any blockage then use a light wire to gently scrape off muck from the drainage system.

Dangers of having a worn-out A/C at your Singapore home

Though there are some conditioners that can be maintained to reduce energy usage, others are simply bad beyond repair. If such machines are not discarded off in good time then they may leak and start releasing CFC fumes, these gases would not only eat up on your electricity but may also pose serious health risks when inhaled.

The toxic fumes can cause dizziness and heart palpitations as well as irritate the victim’s mouth, nose, eyes, lungs and throat. Moreover, when released in high concentrations they can hamper the functioning of one’s central nervous system causing convulsions and even death if treatment is not administered in time. As a Singaporean, you can easily avoid such problems by replacing the old apparatus with a new one.

Removing a malfunctioning aircon

Wall-mounted Air Cons that become old or fail to cool when in use should immediately be replaced. In most cases, the cost of repairing old air conditioners is much more than just buying a new AC, this is mainly because of the amount one would pay for diagnosing the problem and hiring skilled labor. In most Singapore homes, these devices are sandwiched in-between the pane and window frame. They also have a support bracket that helps in holding them down in place. Removal can best be done with the help of a friend.


1. Move aside or take down the A/C’s window treatments, proceed to unplug the malfunctioning aircon from its main power outlet.

2. Detach the screws that hold each respective accordion-extender from inside the window using a standard screwdriver. Gently remove the extenders from your old conditioner and place them aside.

3. Wear a pair of gloves and let your friend stabilize the old machine by standing in-front of it, then proceed by holding the apparatus down on both sides. Slowly lift the conditioner and help your friend tip the old system upwards, this allows any accumulated water to flow out of the dripping pan.

4. Finally, grab either side of the A/C with the help of your friend and completely lift it off the window. Remove screws that could still be holding onto the machine’s support bracket using a screw-gun, and then carry the old system away from your home for good.

5. In Singapore, most air conditioners are found in middleclass homes that can afford to install them. Though these machines can serve their functions when new, problem only arises when they start to wear out and consume excess energy.

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