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Air conditioners are devices used to alter temperature and humidity so as to provide more comfortable conditions by lowering them. Aircon's aid in enhancing indoor air condition and also thermal comfort. Any technological device that modifies the air condition such as heating, cooling, ventilation and humidification so as to provide comfort can be termed as an air conditioner. Air conditioning systems vary in size and also energy.

Toshiba Aircon

Aircon's are made from different materials i.e. metal, plastic, copper, stainless steel, aluminium and many other components. Many manufacturers have produced different brands of aircon's over the years, which have gained much popularity. The basic features that all air conditioners have are; a pump, an evaporator, a condenser and expansion valve. Most of the air conditioners use electric power. When buying an air conditioning device, one should ensure that it offers portability and have an evaporative cooler. This is because portable air conditioners are easy to set up and do not require permanent installations, and for the evaporative feature, it will reduce the risk of growing molds or bacteria. Personally, having used different brands of aircon's from different manufacturers; those that worked best for me were Toshiba and LG aircon's. Here are a few interesting features that you may find intriguing about the Toshiba and LG aircon's.


LG air conditioners not only aid in giving you the comfort you need in a room by cooling it to the right temperatures; but also come comfortable stylish colors and designs. Some of the things that make LG air conditioners perfect for your use are;


1. They are portable. The aircon's are made using streamlined designs that provide flexibility; therefore the user can take cool breezes from anywhere. All you need to do is to move them to their desired locations, e. g Living room, bedroom, work place and any room in your house.

2. They are made in different designs, i.e.
· Aircon's made to fit in your window frame. This design of aircon's enables the users to cool their rooms without having to disrupt the model. Even casement windows have designs specifically made for them.
· Air conditioners fitted in the wall. LG aircon's can also be fitted in the walls, offering permanent ways of maintaining cool air in your house.

3. The LG aircon's are made with enhanced features that enable them to work efficiently and also maintain durability and provide powerful performances, e. g an air outlet designed to withstand strong airflow.

4. The LG aircon's have strong and adjustable four ways swing which effectively diffuses air to different directions in a room.

5. LG air conditioners also come in different prices to suit everyone’s budget and can also be customized to fit the interior look of one’s house.

6. The LG aircon's have a unique heat exchanger which has the ability to maintain low power consumption hence saving a lot on electricity bills.

7. LG aircon's also have inbuilt auto-cleaning mechanism which ensures the aircon is sterilized thus producing clean air. This auto-cleaning mechanism also has the ability to remove bad odor from air conditioners therefore saving the user cost of buying air filters.

Despite the fact that LG aircon's are beneficial with superb features, having used the product I find that the air conditioners are a bit loud compared to what the seller says.

LG Aircon


Toshiba air conditioners were founded in 1981 and over the years, the manufacturer has been able to maintain a high standard of technological advancement. Features that make Toshiba aircon's the key attraction to many users include;


1. Toshiba aircon's have a special feature known as the DC hybrid inverter which has the ability of controlling air conditions of different times during the day based on the actual air condition at the time.

2. The air conditioners have a feature known as PAM which enables the compressor to be set at maximum power when the conditioner is switched on to provide first cooling in a room and provide desired temperature.

3. Toshiba air conditioners work efficiently because they have a feature called PWM which offers high efficiency by balancing the compressor speed revolution thus providing either fast or slow cooling.

4. The Toshiba aircon's have a feature known as the DC Twin Rotary Compressor which helps reduce consumption of energy when the air conditioner is operated over a long period of time.

5. These aircon's are made with highly durable material which makes them reliable over a long period of time.

6. Toshiba aircon's offer reverse air cycle conditions which means that they can extract heat from outside even during cold conditions.

7. The aircon's also have programmable timers which help save electricity costs by shutting down when the aircon is not in use.


Toshiba aircon's have low battery voltage thus posing a risk in case of high voltage situation. Just like LG aircon's, Toshiba air conditioners do not have many down sides.

Both LG and Toshiba air conditioners can be found on online stores and come with a five year residential warranty. However, be keen to note that some brands found online have air conditioners made in China which are usually re-branded products; therefore ensure that when you are buying to check out on this.

The LG and Toshiba brands also offer variety of options including controlling air conditioning in your house using WI-Fi on your Smartphone. Buyers should note that, these air conditioners come with an added cost of installation so that they can work to their maximum efficiency. LG and Toshiba aircon's offer the highest efficiency and quality and also work over a long period of time.

Air conditioners manufacturers face a challenge in lowering costs of the aircon's while improving their efficiency because of the revolving environmental concerns. Air conditioning devices can either be fixed inside or outside the house depending on the distance from the outside environment. However, the aircon's that are fitted in the house are more preferred by many people because they come in smaller sizes and are more flexible for providing adequate and efficient air conditions in a room.

Air conditioners fitted outside a building mostly aim at keeping the temperature of a building constant despite any abrupt weather changes, and are mostly used on tall buildings such as commercial buildings, industrial places and institutions.

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