Smart Way To Maintain Your Aircon

Air conditioner gives you cool air and comfort in the humid environment, but it can give you these results only if you do regular maintenance of its filters, fins and coils. If you won’t do its regular maintenance, then you wouldn’t be able to get any good outcome and it won’t give services also to you for several years. If you will ignore the necessary maintenance of your Aircon, then it will reduce the performance and it will increase the electricity bill for you. You can find the right kind of tips and solutions here to improve comfort in your home by increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner in smart manner.


Air conditioner filter

Routine replacement of air filter is the most important and crucial tasks that you need to do for proper maintenance of your air conditioner. With regular maintenance, you will be able to have really great efficiency and you can get great outcome as well. It will make sure you do not get any kind of dirty filters, clogging in it and it will not block the normal air flow as well that can reduce the effectiveness of air conditioner in a significant manner. If you do not have a clean air filter, then the air that goes into the machine can have some dirt in it and that can directly go to the evaporator coil. If it goes there, then it will affect the heat absorbing potential of evaporator coil and that will not be good for you in any ways. By reducing the dirty or clogged filter, you will not have any reason to worry about this particular factor and you can also reduce your aircon electricity bill up to 15%.

If you have a central air conditioner then filter may be there at the length of return duct. Common location for filters can be wall, furnaces or ceilings and sometime it can be there in air conditioner as well. And if we talk about the room air-conditioner, then its filter can be there in the grill of indoor unit that is mounted toward the room.

Here, you need to understand that not all type of filters are reusable and some of them need to be replaced. Also, they come in different kind efficiencies and you can choose one accordingly. So, when you think about cleaning or replacing your Aircon filter, make sure you keep these things in your mind and you do the needful. In case, you are using air conditioner for longer duration and you are using it continuously, then you may need to pay more attention to the filter in more frequent manner because it can have more dust, dirt and other things in it.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner Coils

If you will see the air conditioner coil then you will find that it collect the dirt and dust for several years, you do not thing about cleaning it. Although a clean air filter can reduce the clogging of dust or dirt on the air conditioner coil, but that does not protect it completely. Once time will come when it will have a lot of dirt and dust in it and that will reduce the performance of your air conditioner. Also, it will increase the load on your machine that will consume more electricity and it will not absorb the heat as well.

To avoid this issue, it is a wise idea that you check the evaporator coil on regular manner to and if needed clean it regularly. You need to know that if outdoor environment is dirty, then you can have a lot of dirt deposition on the outdoor condenser coil as well. Good thing is that you can easily check the condenser coil and you can know if there is deposition of dirt on it or not. For optimum performance from your condenser, it is advised that you reduce the debris and dirt near this space. Your law movers, leaves falling from tree and dryer vents can be a big source of drit and debris for same. So, if you will remove the debris from the coil and if you will trim the leaves around the area, then it will give enough airflow to the condenser and you will get comfortable air flow as well.

Coil fins

One your evaporator coil and condenser coil there may be aluminium fins that are really easy to bend. After bending it can block the airflow by the coil. Thankfully, many air conditioner sellers give a solution called fin comb and using that tool you can get back the fins in almost original condition and you can reduce the blockage as well.

Condensate drains

Sometime you should pass a stiff wire from the drain channel or your air conditioner unit. If you have a clogged drain, it will not reduce the humidity and you may have lot of moisture in your wall, That will case discoloration for carpet and your walls both.

Maintain Your Aircon

Window seal for room air conditioner

Before you start the air conditioner, it is a good idea that you check the seal between your air-conditioned and frame of the world. Just make sure it is in contact with the metal case. Sometime moisture can affect the integrity of seal and you cool air can go outside from your house and affect cooling inside.

Prepare for winter

At the time of winter you should either remove the air conditioner or you should cover it properly. Covering the indoor and outdoor unit will make sure outside debris are not affecting the air conditioner when it is not in use.

Hire a professional wisely

At the time of hiring a professional for regular maintenance of your air conditioner, it is advised that you hire him wisely. You should hire a well trained and experienced technician for same
He should also do these things
Checking for refrigerant amount
Check for any kind of refrigerant leaks

Make sure he capture the coolant before it evacuated from the machine and he should not release it to atmosphere.

Check the duct leakage in central system
He should measure the air flow form evaporator coil
Verification of correct electric control sequence so things work as it should
Proper oiling to motors and belt
Checking accuracy of the meter or thermostat

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We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

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