How To Stop Water Leaking Aircon?

Step-by-Step Method of How to Aircon Leaking

The practice of using air conditioners to get rid of humidity and heat is very widespread in Singapore. Almost every house in Singapore is currently equipped with an aircon. However, these do have the problem of aircon leaking. This is caused by water collecting at the drain tray. If you look at your aircon’s coil, you will see some droplets of water. This water, after collecting in the condensation pan, is led outdoors via condensation drain tube. Sometimes however, the water may begin to leak. This aircon leaking can cause certain problems such as growth of mold and mildew. Now this is bad because it will affect the interior finishing of your house.

Stopping Water Leaking Aircon

How to solve the problem of aircon leaking

1). Remove your aircone from the window

The first thing when it comes to correcting the aircon leaking is pulling the gadget from the window. This is best done on a sunny day. The importance of this is that, once you are done with the repair process, it will easily be dried by the sunshine. The next step involves putting your unit on a surface that is firm. Make sure you don’t put it on grass or dirt as this may damage the aircon.

2). Remove the aircon’s outer metallic covering

This can be accomplished by using a screwdriver. The unit is held in the frame by roughly 4-6 screws. Thereafter, carefully scrutinize the inside of the gadget to see what is causing the aircon leaking. At the bottom part of it, you should be able to spot a plastic tray. This is the drain tray that normally allows water that condenses to pass through it as it is channeled outdoors. Still on the drain train of aircon leaking, you will also see mold and dust that have settled on it. In fact, this is the reason why servicing is important in preventing aircon leaking. Pour house bleach on the drain pipe in order to clean it. Leave the bleach to stay on the drain pipe for some minutes.

3). Connect spigot to a garden hose

Accomplishing this requires attaching the spray nozzle of the aircon to the garden hose. Spray water inside your air condition unit at a moderate pressure. Some water also needs to be sprayed on the drain tray. This way, it will be possible for you to remove solid debris that has settled at the bottom of tray. It is also necessary to spray a little water on the interior coils and the exterior ones. To prevent any future aircon leaking, you need to also clean the interior filter.

4). Wash clean it

Having successfully cleaned the exterior and interior coils, you can rest assured that the process is also coming to a close. Onto the drain tray, you need to pour another cupful of bleaching agent. Leave the bleach there for 10 minutes. Thereafter, thoroughly rinse the aircon by using clean water. Confirm that it has been cleaned thoroughly and then put it in an open place where to can dry. After making sure that the air conditioner has completely dried, first place its exterior cover before you put beck the aircon into the window. This way, you will have resolved any aircon leaking. It should be able to take for another season at least, before you can think of servicing your air conditioner again.

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