How To Recharge Your Aircon Gas?

When you have a home or residence in Singapore, you would definitely have an air conditioner installed to offer a cool air, as the days are much hotter here. There are many things that you must know when you have an air conditioner.

How To Recharge Your Aircon Gas?

Leakage and hot air – reasons to recharge the aircon gas

When you have one or more aircons at home or commercial building then you have to know various reasons that would indicate you to make a recharge of gas immediately. You have to recharge your aircon with gas in case if there is a leakage. This is a daunting task and it is best advisable to approach the aircon services in Singapore to perform this task.

Leakage in the unit:
This is because some aircon units would have a complicated design that would not allow you to recognize the signs of leakage easily. In such cases expert technicians in Singapore would be equipped with the right tools to detect the leakages.

Hot air from aircon:
Sometimes, you will find that your aircon is blowing hot air and your machine would be running for a longer time than usual.

These symptoms indicate that your aircon needs a change of gas immediately. This is because the compressor would be able to compress the gas at a specific pressure level. Low levels of coolant would make the compressor incapable of performing high pressure levels using coolant gas, thereby lowering the coolness of the rooms.

Step by step instructions on how to recharge your aircon gas:

• Step 1:
Remove the aircon unit from the window and place it safely on the floor, which is covered with a carpet or rug.

• Step 2:
Loosen the screws attached to the metal casing and remove the it. Now slowly slide its metal casing and keep away. Now you will find the compressor, hoses connected to a metal cylinder before you.

• Step 3:
Take a close look of the compressor and find the bigger hose among the two. This hose is the right one to perform your gas recharge work.

• Step 4:
Now connect the service valve which is the biggest one of the two valves that you find on the refrigerant recharge kit and attach it to the biggest hose you identified on the compressor.

• Step 5:
now connect the tap valve which is the smallest one among the two valves that are present in the refrigerant kit to the small hose of your compressor.

• Step 6:
Now keep the setting to the highest on your aircon in order to allow the refrigerant flow to start the process of recharge.

• Step 7:
Continue the process of recharging until the refrigerant can is empty. Now disconnect the valves from the hoses of the compressor. Now replace the metal casing which acts as a protective cover for your air conditioner. Now place the screws in place and tighten it well. Make sure that it is secured fine by tugging it slightly. Replace the air conditioner to your window and secure well. Once the sliding is perfect, replace the front panel of your aircon.

You can follow these steps to recharge your air conditioner with gas every time.

Singaporean technicians recommend tune ups or annual maintenance of ACs every year. They also insist that these recharging of aircons must be done by the experts as they can handle all kinds of leakages. They perform thorough checks after recharging the aircon to detect if there are any leakages. They are licensed technicians who can handle any issues arising during recharging the gas in aircons which an ordinary person cannot do. These professional know which type of gas coolant must be used for your aircons as some traditional models of aircons need a refrigerant known as Freon while the modern ones have trendier units that need Puron refrigerant.

Opting for an annual maintenance contract with a Singaporean HVAC would allow you stay free from gas recharge hassles as they perform routine checks and fill up gas if it needs refilling. This would also make your units energy efficient and helps to offer a good amount of cooling. An air conditioning unit that runs swiftly not only helps you save on energy bills, but also creates a better impact on the environment.
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