7 Reasons To Hire Us To Install Panasonic Aircon

Your air conditioning unit is your home comfort system. An aircon system is a crucial household asset especially if you reside in an industrialized nation like Singapore. Your aircon can however only serve you well or longer subject to the contractor with whom you are working with. Ensure that you get an aircon company that can handle all your Panasonic aircon installation, maintenance and repair needs. Choosing us will guarantee a wide range of great services and the assurance of a constant flow of clean and fresh air in your home. We understand how stressful it can be to move from one aircon service provider to another, which is why we endeavour to provide you with one-stop services.


Below are seven reasons you should consider hiring us to install a Panasonic aircon system to your home:

We offer a broad range of services

This particular attribute is what makes us your preferred one-stop aircon installation company. Whether you want to install your new Panasonic aircon unit, or you perhaps want it to be serviced or cared for, we will gladly do all that. We also offer other services like troubleshooting, replacement of faulty air conditioner parts, cleaning, evaluation, and aircon overhaul. It is quite inconveniencing to look for more than one aircon service provider for different services that can be done by a single company.


Our highly skilled staff and technical experts have all the answers to all your aircon-related questions. Hiring an amateur contractor to install your new Panasonic aircon unit can be very catastrophic. It will not only deplete you financially but also waste your precious time. Proper installation of the aircon unit shall save you the trouble of having to contact a nonprofessional contractor in the future after completing the job.

Our sales staff and technicians are well trained and also disciplined. They never do shoddy work, leave your aircon installation incomplete or sell you items that do not meet your requirements. Our priority is to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible and will only leave once we know you are fully convinced by our work. Our professionalism is solidified by our great technical experience and also the fact that we are a licensed company in Singapore. We are insured as well, and we recruit only certified technicians.

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Fair pricing

Pricing is a very crucial aspect when dealing with aircon service providers. As opposed to the past where installing an aircon system was considered a luxury in Singapore, it currently is a must-have asset . Due to this factor, most homes are equipped with aircon systems to ensure comfort. This has lead to an increase in aircon companies across the country, as a result of the increased demand. Some service providers tend to overcharge for their services or provide inferior services that don’t match the quotation issued due to the large number of aircon companies in the country.

We first measure and inspect everything to know precisely what is needed before installing the aircon unit. Once we are done with the diagnostics and inspection, we explain to you in detail the kind of options that are available. This is necessary because you need to have an understanding on what we are doing. When it comes to costs, we ensure not to offer you the lowest bid, not unless it’s convenient for you. The installation costs may be high; however, the utility bills and the long-term maintenance costs will be very low.


You don’t want an aircon service provider that shall keep you waiting for so long. Our staff is always available to address your problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of any emergency. This is enhanced by our vast number of technicians who we send out to take care of your aircon installation needs. We also continuously train our technicians to keep them up to speed with the evolving technological trends in aircon installation, repair and also maintenance.

We are also insured therefore you don’t have to panic in case of any incidents. Our warranty is very useful while replacing any damaged parts during the installation process. Also, if you are interested, you can read our customer reviews on our website. Apart from the mentioned aspects, you can also count on us for frequent checkups and also regular maintenance of your Panasonic aircon unit.

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Booking system

We have an efficient booking system that you can use to book an appointment with us to address your Panasonic aircon installation needs. You don’t have to waste time looking for different service providers. The registration process is quite easy, all you have to do is to submit to us your personal information to be able to use the system. Our booking system facilitates efficient communication between our staff and you, the customer.

Quick results

If you want an aircon company that is capable of addressing your aircon installation needs quickly, then look no further. We know that your time is very valuable, which is why we really strive to complete the installation of your Panasonic aircon unit as quickly as possible to avoid any inconveniences to you. In as much as we do the installation quickly, we do not make any mistakes while doing so and ensure that the job is done perfectly.

Amiable Customer Service

This is yet another reason you should hire us. We have a very friendly customer service with many professional representatives that have great relationship and communication skills. These representatives are always ready to help you in looking for the service option that suits you.


If you need an aircon company that offers a vast range of services, a fair pricing and reliable, we are here for you. All the above-mentioned attributes are the heart of a one-stop aircon provider. Since we offer all these services, you should definitely choose us as your favorite aircon installation company in Singapore. Let our technicians take control of your aircon installation needs. Do not resort to Do It Yourself approaches that may end up destroying the unit permanently. Contact us today and enjoy the best and the most affordable aircon services that we offer.

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I was recommended by my friend Vincent to do my aircon repair. I find them very professional in their work. The technicians are friendly and also efficient. I signed a yearly contract and i am very satisfied with their service. Keep up the good work.
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We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

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