7 Mistakes To Avoid On Aircon Repair  

An Air-conditioning unit is indispensable equipment for a country like Singapore where the climate is mostly hot and humid. Yes, in Singapore which is known for its tropical climate installation of aircon is an inevitable and essential thing. Having an aircon that does not operate properly or cool efficiently is the worst thing you can have on hot and sultry days. It is a good idea to call for the professional aircon servicing company in Singapore to get your aircon repaired and to ensure optimal performance. It is truly amazing how efficient aircon units work. Similarly there is nothing worse like encountering an emergency repair in your aircon unit late in the night. Incorporating a routine maintenance program can definitely help you avoid such challenging situations.

7 Mistakes To Avoid On Aircon Repair

The following is a list of seven common mistakes to avoid on aircon repair.

1. Forgetting to instigate a routine maintenance program: It is very important to initiate a routine maintenance schedule for your aircon unit to ensure that it functions smoothly and perfectly. It is just like any other mechanical device and needs periodic tune-ups, replacement of filters, cleaning of coils and dusting of ductwork to clear off dust and debris to ensure maximum performance efficiency. If the unit is neglected and not maintained properly you will have to encounter emergency break downs and repairs.

2. Procrastinating or ignoring the aircon unit of clearing any accumulation of dirt or debris: Emergency repair crops up in an aircon unit on account of accumulation of debris, dust and dirt that build up over time. Inspecting frequently and clearing off such debris can prevent obstruction of air flow. Accumulation of debris is a common thing especially if you have big trees surrounding your home. This is because trees tend to shed their leaves which can get stuck in the aircon unit obstructing the air flow.

3. Frequently adjusting the thermostat: Frequent modifications of the thermostat to adjust the temperatures inside can impede the consistent performance and running of your aircon unit. This is indeed another significant reason for aircon breakdowns and failures. The best thing is to set a temperature that you feel comfortable round the clock. Making frequent changes in the thermostat can cause undue stress to your aircon unit leading to emergency repairs. Implementing programmable thermostats can control the temperature in your home without touching the thermostat.

4. Constantly turning off and on the aircon unit: If the aircon unit is frequently turned on and off it causes the compressor and the fan controls to wear off quickly. Yes, frequent turning off and on causes excessive stress on the aircon unit thus leading to easy and quick wear and tear of its vital mechanical parts.

5. Failure to implement the use of ceiling fans correctly: Use of ceiling fans in conjunction with your aircon units is a great way to save you from costly emergency aircon repairs. The ceiling fans should be set in such a way that they blow the air down and not up. In this way you can be ensured that the hot air is circulated into the air ducts that facilitate the aircon unit to cool the inside air easier and faster. Yes, ceiling fans help the aircon units to run efficiently by circulating the air and prevents frequent breakdowns.

6. Failure to keep the heat sources away from the thermostat: Make sure to keep all heat sources like lamps and television sets farther away from the thermostat. This is because the heat that these devices generate may make the room warmer and the thermostat has to run longer than it is actually needed. This can lead to undue stress and breakdowns.

7. Failure to maintain proper ventilation around the aircon unit: Proper ventilation of the aircon unit is essential in order to ensure proper efficiency and cooling capacity. Make sure to trim shrubs and bushes that obstruct free air flow. If there are shrubs preventing air flow the unit has to work harder to cool your rooms. This can definitely lead to unforeseen repairs.


An aircon unit is no more a luxury but an absolute necessity especially in a country like Singapore which experiences a tropical climate. By avoiding the above discussed seven common mistakes on aircon repair you can be assured of efficient functioning and optimal performance of your aircon units.

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