Why Installing Aircon Is A Good Idea

An aircon is one of the vital equipment that any home cannot ignore. An aircon will do more than cooling or heating in your home. It will help you to recover from illness and prevent allergies my filtering the air around your house.


However, you might have heard stories may be from colleagues or friend that an aircon may make you sick. This might be true if you don’t service your air conditioner well. If you have been asking if an air conditioner is safe for you and your family, then it is. The only thing you need to make sure is that your unit gets serviced severally. A well-maintained air conditioner will have many health benefits than harms.

Why installing an aircon is beneficial

- Curtail temperature related issues

Excess heat or cold can be a significant challenge to many people especially the aging people and young kids. These people will be susceptible to temperature changes and this why maintaining a constant temperature for them will be essential. This will prevent them from heat or cold-related problems such as dehydration and stroke. A constant temperature will also strengthen their immune systems making them resistance to other diseases. The best way to control these temperature related complications is by installing an air conditioner in your house.

- Quality air

Allergies and other airborne diseases are among the main challenging diseases facing many people in Singapore. The best way to make sure you are out of these diseases is by ensuring the air around your house is clean enough. You need to filter mold, bacteria, allergens and any other air pollutants from the air. This will make a healthier environment for anybody with respiratory problems in your house. These air pollutants will trigger any breathing problem making it more risky to the patient.

A good aircon will have special filters that will help to filter all these harmful substances in the air. Clean air will also make it easier for people with cold and allergies to recover from the condition. Not all air conditioners will be able to filter the air well, choose a good air conditioner for your house and service it severally.


Aircon health issues

- Low humidity

A low humidity around your home may have some health concerns. Dry air will make your skin and hair to be too much dry which will not be good for your health. Another problem is drying up your sinuses making them unable to filter the air you breath causing respiratory issues at the end. Low humidity will occur when your systems run for a long time, or there is a malfunction with the unit. To avoid low humidity make sure you don’t set low temperatures and run your system for a long time. You also need to ensure your system is in an excellent working condition for the best performance.

- Spread illness

While too low humidity is not good, high humidity is not better at the same time. High humidity will occur when you are using a large air conditioner that will cool your house fast and shut down before it reduces moisture in your home. A system with malfunction will also cause high humidity. High humidity will make it easier for an illness such as flu to spread from one member of the family to the other. High humidity will make it easier for bacteria and molds to grow. This will spread throughout your house causing what is called sick building syndrome. A sick building syndrome will make people believe that certain buildings making them ill or they are allergic to an air conditioner. However, not the building or an air conditioner will be making them sick, but the particles being spread by a poorly maintained system. Make sure the system you use Is equivalent to your home, and it is well serviced.

- Refrigerant

While it is very hard to come into contact with the chemicals used in your system such as refrigerant, you may find them causing some health issues if the unit is leaking. Coolant should be contained in the air conditioner, and you should never get into contact with it. If you notice your system is leaking get a technician to repair it immediately as it may cause health problems. But it's not easy for an air conditioner to drip unless it is fixed by someone who is not skilled and experienced for the task.


How to prevent these aircon health issues

- Clean your system

Cleaning your air conditioner is the best way to make sure you prevent all health issues that may arise from it. Ducts are the main areas where bacteria, mold, and viruses will accumulate. By cleaning the ducts well, you will eliminate all these particles making your unit safe both for you and your family.

- Ensure your system has the right filters

Not all filters will be able to filter the air in your house to the required quality. Some will only filter dust and leave bacteria making the air not safe still. Choose the right type of filters for your system to be guaranteed the air you are breathing is clean enough. This way the air in your house will never have harmful particles that may cause health concerns.

- Make an appointment with a professional.

Even if you can handle minor conditions in your system such as cleaning and changing refrigerant, other complicated issues should be handled by an expert. Make an appointment with a professional regularly to check your unit if it is in the right condition. An aircon servicing expert will be able to identify any problem before it develops and take care of it. Make an appointment with an expert after a certain period even if your system is working.


An air conditioner is an important appliance that any home should have. Although this system may cause some health problems, they can be controlled if the system gets maintained. If you don’t have the required skills or tools to handle your air conditioner always contact an expert. This will prolong the life of your unit and take care of your health at the same time.

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