How Often Should I Service My Office Aircon?

Singapore presents a humid and hot environment problematic to work-life circumstances. Office workers in Singapore cannot operate without installation of air-conditioners shortly referred to as ACs. The units work overtime to keep the air cool and the high temperatures outside. The humidity experienced by office employees stretches throughout the day and during some instances evenings. A well-maintained office air-con unit allows your system to last and prevents your business from overspending. People used to work in hot office spaces know two types of air-conditioners exist and they comprise the window or split versions. Office managers or maintenance staff need to understand the difference between the two to ensure correct office aircon servicing. The cleaning of the air-conditioners normally includes use of a chemical wash or chemical overhaul cleaning.

Office aircon servicing

The office air-con allows workers to feel cooled down and increase their much-needed productivity levels. A hot and humid climate makes workers feel tired, which can be detrimental to their work life and their health. A specialist maintenance company who understands the tropical climate and the operational stresses associated with it should undertake the regular upkeep of the air-con system. Singapore high-temperature seasons occur during May and June with a significant increase in air-conditioner usage. The inverter air-conditioner suggests a feasible option because of the extreme heat conditions experienced during the time. The inverter air-conditioner uses a sensor to measure the temperature and increases the cooling effect when required. Using air-conditioners can be expensive and experts recommend it to discuss various options with a local service supplier before purchasing a unit. The office space arrangements must allow for the air-conditioner to “breath” and an open space environment may help.

Key to the operation of an air-conditioner is to allow for regular maintenance checkups, which include the following:
•Allow for routine checks to take place that will ensure the unit functions correctly and produces the altered temperature.
•During a regular checkup, the maintenance person should investigate if the unit still runs energy sufficient. During many circumstances, these units can consume high levels of energy, which can be tricky when your electricity bill arrives.
•During maintenance, ensure cleaning of the filters where dust and germs can accumulate. The circulation of these bugs can create the whole office to become sick, which can impact your business profitability.

The maintenance company must include a thermostat inspection to ensure that the system provides a suitably controlled temperature. In addition, the service provider must examine the grill and outlets to ensure open airflow.

The maintenance person should check various parts of the unit, for example:

•Blower wheel
•Drainage pan

Some key challenges one face during the maintenance of units include the following:

•Water leaking
•Evidence of mold
•Increased traces of bacteria

The incidents of the above can create a unit to perform poorly and blow out dirty air, which can cause several health problems. The cleaning of the air-condition units should happen every three months preferably or after six months a deep chemical wash may be required.

Many businesses prefer to hire their air-conditioner units, which allows the supplier to take on the responsibility of the maintenance requirements. On the other end, if a person moves into a new office block, the units normally form part of the commercial building maintenance requirements.

Many governments highlight environmental challenges with the use of air-conditioner units at large-scale office blocks. The recommendation would be to investigate an environmentally friendly option and discuss with the local suppliers available. The regular maintenance of the units already makes a difference and prevents the air-conditioners from using more electricity than they need.

Office aircon servicing


We should take seriously the tropical climate known to the Singapore environment during maintenance of the air-conditioners. The units play a significant role in ensuring that the office space stays cool with relative fresh air. The outcome thereof results in your staff functioning in a well-equipped office space and enhancing their business performances. To prevent any air-conditioner issues of happening, the identification of a known and trustworthy service provider may eliminate some maintenance headaches if the system stops working. The recommendation stays to schedule regular maintenance checks, keep the outlook of the units clean, and prevent dust from accumulating. Air-conditioners work substantially hard in the tropical countries and requires significant maintenance requirements to proceed working. The three to six months interval checks may allow your units to last exceptionally longer.

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