Why You Should Clean Your Aircon Before New Year 2014

Due to global-warming, the level of heat is rising day by day. This is the reason that the need of air-conditioning has substantially increased in the last decade and people from countries like Singapore, a country known for pleasant climate have also started feeling the need of air-conditioners. Perhaps when you decide to buy an electronic item like air-conditioner, you should prepare yourself to put considerable amount of time and money in its maintenance and upkeep. This is to ensure longevity and smooth functioning. If you live in a country with unpredictable weather conditions it is always advised to get your aircon serviced or cleaned at least once a year. 

Why You Should Clean Your Aircon Before New Year 2014

Why Should You Clean Your Aircon Before New Year 2014

There are plenty of reasons to get your aircon servicing before the New year 2014 begins. First of all, regular cleaning of aircon ensures better performance and longevity. Also, it helps you save on energy cost tremendously. Since you don’t know what surprise you get in terms of hike in energy consumption cost, it is always better to keep your electronic items cost-effective with regular maintenance and cleaning. In fact, it's only possible by regular maintenance and cleaning.

Keeping in the mind the importance of aircon maintenance, here are some basic tips that will help you get good results, while allowing you to save on utility bills and unexpected damage cost. 

 Basic Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Schedule An Annual Inspection
This is one of the most effective and simple method to make sure that your aircon functions properly for long. It is highly recommended to schedule an inspection once a year by a qualified HVAC technician. The HVAC technician usually charges a nominal amount of fee to inspect each and every component of your system including, compressor, coils, oil, ducts, fans, wiring, gas, tubes etc to make sure everything is working properly. This is the best way to avoid unexpected problems and related expenditures.

Change Air Filters
Hold on! Do not switch on you A/C ducts or units without getting the filters checked. It is always advised to replace the air filters every season. Make sure your technician also checks the same during a routine tune-up. It is highly recommended to change them regularly throughout the season. Failure to do so can lead to malfunction in the system as well.

 Check and Clean Condenser Coils
If dirt and debris that are not properly cleaned or removed from the condenser coils prior to use, they can damage your air conditioning system and make it work less efficiently. Reduced efficiency signifies less cooling and more energy bills. Moreover, dirty coils also results in shortening of lifespan of your A/C system due to unnecessary stress. It is important to get both, indoor as well as outdoor coils to ensure that they are properly cleaned. Also, make sure the unit is blocked or clogged by any trees or debris. The coils can be cleaned with a water hose, but you should be aware of the right pressure so you don’t end up damaging the coils or fins. 

Check Air Ducts for Damages or Air Leaks
It is important to get you’re A/C ducts checked at least twice a season. Visually check for all the damages and dirt inside the duct. This is a standard procedure for technicians as well during annual check-up. However, if you’re aware of the damages, you can always communicate them to the technicians to save your quality time and of course money.

Frequent inspection will make sure you save up to 35% on your energy bills by treating and preventing potential damages. Sealing air ducts and regular checking of the vents will ensure proper flow and improve efficiency. With regular duct cleaning service you can also improve indoor air quality.

Preventive measures are necessary if you want your air conditioner to work efficiently and deliver effective results. Calling for A/C repair services early can also help you to prevent potential risks of damages and avoid long waits associated with the busier summer season.

Hiring a professional company to inspect the condition of your A/C ducts or units is essential before you actually start to use it. This makes sure that your unit is working as effectively and efficiently to cool your home, even during extreme weather conditions.

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