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Having an air condition is an essential part of the Singaporean life. There is a need for cool and refreshing air to make sure the body is comfortable all day. To give an assurance that air conditioners are regularly maintained, or presently have problems, have them monitored.

Air Con Service

You can easily find an experienced staff just by calling a company that offers reliable service and take care of the ventilation system. In order to speed things up, it is important to know more about the air con services available in Singapore. When it gets really hot, people can feel uncomfortable and the need for an air-conditioning is big. They offer services for residential and commercial premises. The types of services these companies offer are chemical cleaning, contracts, annual maintenance, and a lot more.

Feel good about it

Some air con services have been around more than 10 years and the technical service teams they have are filled with experiences in several services. The technicians are actively being trained throughout the years so they become knowledgeable about technologies of today.

Their normal services

These include:

· Air filter checking and cleaning, as well as the front and panel cover
· Filter that purifies, checks, and deodorizes air conditioning
· Checking of the evaporator coil for indoors and outdoors
· Indoor drainage tray checking and cleaning
· Drainage system vacuuming
· Bearing and lubrication of the fan
· Discharge pressure and compression suction inspection

Chemical services

· They use chemical solution for washing the water tray, coil and fan blower
· Suck pipe drainage
· Filter
· Gas check-up

Chemical overhauling

· This type of service lubricates the fan bearings to ensure the unit quietly operates without noise production
· The controls and thermostat of the unit can be checked without any noise
· Pipes can be cleaned, blower wheel, and drain pans using appropriate chemicals
· Fan evaporator is coiled is cleaned to have smooth heat transfer without dust and grime build up
· There is faulty bearing replacement and gets rid of noise

Air Con Service

Gas topping

This type of service allows you to enjoy the best indoor environment using the gas top up service. The service is important for unsealed leakage. Before being given the gas top up service, make sure to seal the leaking areas. When this happens, there is no need to top up the gas until there is another gas leakage. The reasons behind this may be improper installation, sub-standard copper pipe, and a lot more. The team is going to educate the issues that connect gas leakage so that is avoidable in the future.


This is another expertise of the aircon service and this does not matter what kind of aircon brand it is. Companies will only provide the right troubleshooting needed for that certain unit. It does not matter what kind of complex issue is present, the company can be trusted because the teams they have are all trained to acquire the proper skills needed to troubleshoot. The troubleshooting of problems will show reports on the problems that have been found, and provides the client with the best repair options.

Maintenance contract

The air con maintenance has services like servicing and cleaning of units on a regular basis. The normal maintenance only ensures the proper maintenance that keeps the units running smoothly. It is important to have the unit regularly maintained and the condition of the units because it will help in the efficiency, possible breakdown reductions that is going to help them save a big cost on repairs in the long run.

Repairs of air cons

If there are arising issues such as a hot air con or not functioning, the experience of technicians can diagnose issues being faced and give the needed economical solutions and repair work. With the qualified technicians who are experienced, the checking performance is thorough.

Installation of the air conditioning

The installers of the companies are experienced and can install a lot of several brands and kinds of air-conditioner for the needs of the people in Singapore. Companies specialize in a variety of brands commonly used by Singaporeans. The aircon's play an important role in a person’s day to day comfort found in the home. When they get broken, a lot of discomfort can be felt. To get through the discomforts, the company will do it for the customer. The company works with professionalism and dedication that renders only aircon services in Singapore that work that suits the needs of every customer. They specialize in the earning and maintenance of aircon services in all air conditioning systems in Singapore. Aside from attempting to deal with the problems, professionals have to do this.

Air Con Service

Frequently asked questions about air con services in Singapore

Why does the air con not have cold air?

In the section of the air conditioning unit, there are two parts. The indoor fan coil and condenser outside. The blower dissipates cooling that is being brought in by the outdoor condenser is the coil. If the indoor fan coil is not blowing cold air, the condenser might incur problems like malfunctioning. A good technician can inspect the problem furthermore in order to fix it.

Why is the air conditioning noisy?

Noises are normally coming out because of problems like faulty parts, loose mounting of certain components, noisy draft caused by dirty fan coil, and dirty fan coil or condenser that causes vibration noise.

If there is leaking gas, what should be done?

In case this happens, it is recommended to seek help from a trained technician. There are proper procedures that need to be done from testing pressure to detect the leakage and then repair it. Upon repair completion, the refrigerator’s right amount can be added.

Is it important to check the condenser and how it is properly done?

The condenser and air conditioning outdoor units have to be properly checked and there is an annual maintenance. It is important to make sure that nothing is blocking the air circulation. The blockage can affect the efficiency of cooing and electrical consumption and shortens the compressor’s lifespan. There are times when, because of a certain condition, the condenser has to be checked by a trained and qualified technician.

When looking for an air con service in Singapore, make sure that they are professionals and have been tested by customers for years to look after their air conditioning. It can cause a lot of distress when the air con was not fixed properly and customers have to deal with its malfunction until they have found a good company. There is no need to suffer because Singapore air con service companies have the best intentions.

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We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

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