Why Is My Aircon Leaking Water After Servicing?

It can be quite confusing when your air conditioner leaks water. There are many things that can make it to leak and they all need to be addressed for the proper functioning of the system. If you run some test on the unit, you will be able to find out the faults causing leakage and rectify it yourself. However, do not assume as the damages could be a lot more than you think, it is important to consult a professional instead as the problem can be complicated.

Why Is My Aircon Leaking After Servicing?

Here is a list of the most probable reasons why an air conditioner can be leaking even after servicing:

Poor installation
This is an obvious reason that causes many air conditioner to leak even after servicing. It will happen in most cases if the installation was done in a careless manner. For example, where pumps have not been tightened properly or there is too much pressure in the pump causing leakage. The condenser unit should also be placed in the right level. The air conditional vents also needs to stay open all the time as closing leads to too much pressure causing leakage.

The pump is broken
The first thing that could make your air conditioner to leak is a broken pump. You can test if this is the problem by pouring a considerable amount of water in the condenser pan and watch keenly to see if it will pump properly all the excess water. If it fails, then it could be the problem check the power of the pump, if the power is good then the problem could be with the condenser or the motor. Contact a professional to determine the exact cause of the leakage and correct it.

Blocked drain hole
Condensers have drain holes, which are used to drain water from the units. If rubbish accumulate at the hole and blocks it, water is prevented from flowing and it will drain through places that it is not intended. Therefore, in case of leakage, check to see if the drain hole is blocked or not. Try to remove them and if the problem persists, consult an air conditioner expert to assist you.

Too cold temperature on the outside
When the temperature on the outside is too cold, water forms within the unit and it cannot evaporate as usual due to the change of temperature on the outside. This water assembles on the unit and may start to leak. However, when the air conditioner heats up, the leakage stops. If this is why the air conditioner is leaking, there is no need to do anything, as it will stop when it gains heat.

Leakage of air
When the seals of your air conditioner are not fastened properly, warm unintended air can escape into the unit. When the moisture comes into contact with the warm air, it condenses immediately. However, if the warm air is less, it will not be enough to cause condensation, therefore there will be no leakage. However, if a lot of warm air escapes, there will be condensation and the moisture will lead to leakage beneath the unit. To stop this, reseal all the parts of the unit that may look loose. 

Wear and tear of the insulation
All air conditioners are insulated on the back at the point where it is connected to the wall. This insulation helps to soak all the condensation that develops on the back of the air conditioner. When the insulation is worn out, it cannot be able to soak the condensation any longer. The water therefore begins to leak from the machine. Therefore, when your air conditioner is leaking, check the condition of the insulation at the back, if it is worn out, it could be the problem. Contact a specialist to replace it.

Leaking water is not the worst thing to happen to your air conditioner, but you have to correct it anyway. If your air conditioner is leaking, it can only mean that it is not working efficiently. In addition, it is likely that you are not getting the temperature that you want. This can be quite expensive if you do not get the problem fixed soon. As it is not too complicated, you can fix it yourself or contact a professional to assist you.

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