Why Is Aircon Much Colder After Servicing?

When you do not get proper cooling from your Aircon then you think about its servicing and I would say that is always a good thing to do. But after serving many people notice that their Aircon becomes more efficient and it make the room much colder in less time. Just like a humid or warm room colder room can also make you uncomfortable and people wonder Why Is Aircon Much Colder after Servicing? In case you also have the same question and you are trying to find its answers then I am sharing some details below that can answer your question in a very detailed manner.

Aircon Servicing

Removal of dirt:

When you invest your money and time in the servicing of Aircon, then technicians removes the filter before making any other changes in it. This one small change reduces a lot of load from your Aircon unit and it start blower much colder air compared to previous time. The good thing about removal of dirt and dust is that it also make it very much healthier for you and your family. So, if I talk about the reasons of much colder Aircon after servicing, then I would say removal of all the dirt and dust from it and replacement of air filter is a major reason for that amazing result.

No more mechanical issues:

When you go ahead for servicing of your Aircon unit then technicians look at all the mechanical problem in it and they solve the issues before leaving your home. The most annoying and less known fact about Aircon cooling is that even if you have some minor issues in the mechanical side then it might not work with complete efficiency and you might not get desired cooling from it. However, when you choose for servicing of your Aircon, then technician look at each and every problem in it including minor and major and they resolve those issues. That means with the help of solution of those complication you get much colder Aircon after completion of servicing.

Proper amount of coolant:

Coolant or refrigerant is the most essential thing that help you get proper cooling from your Aircon unit. Mostly we keep running our Aircon units without looking at the coolant level and we do not get proper cooling with it. However a simple servicing eliminates this issue and you start getting colder room with the same Aircon after servicing. Yu can understand the important of coolant and its effect with this simple fact that 10 % drop of coolant will reduce 20% of cooling capacity. That means if you have 30% less coolant in your Aircon unit then it will give only 40% cooling than its actual capacity. But this scenario changes as soon as you change the coolant in your Aircon at the time of servicing and you get much colder Aircon with that result.

Aircon Servicing

Proper tuning of AC:

Many people consider themselves as master of everything and because of this impression they just rupture the tuning of their AC. However, mostly they do not know anything about tuning of ac and as a result of that they just don’t get cooling with their Aircon unit. At the other hand a technician knows all about these issues and he knows how to tune the Aircon in a perfect manner. So, he not only checks the problem but he solves it as well. As a result of that simple change your AC unit start working with its full potential and you get the amount of cooling that you should get all the time with it. So, if I would say that better tuning is another reason colder Aircon, then that would be a wrong statement in any condition.

No frozen condenser:

Sometime people keep running their Aircon unit without giving it a rest and this continuous operation result in the deposition of ice on Aircon system. Because of this deposition of ice your Aircon does not work with its full capacity and you do not get cooling at all. But when you ask a technician to do the servicing of your AC, then he not only remove the ice, but he clean each and every part of your machine so you can get better cooling with it. This better cleaning allows you to have better result and you get colder air from your Aircon unit after the servicing thing.

Proper ventilation for outdoor unit:

Improper ventilation for outdoor unit is one more thing that affects the cooling of your Aircon unit. Mostly we do not pay any attention on this part that outdoor unit is equally important for your AC and if it not well ventilated then your Aircon will not work efficiently. Although you can ignore this issue but your Aircon technician would never make the same mistake and he will surely check the ventilation of AC outdoor unit. If he will notice it is not properly ventilated then he will do needful and he will make sure it is well ventilated. This extra care will make sure you get much colder Aircon unit without any kind of extra problem.

Many other minor suggestion:

Other than this technician also check so many other minor issues such as leaking of air from your room and amount of heat that you are getting in your room. When he notices these issues then he propose a solution for those problems so you can get much colder room with your Aircon after servicing. And the god thing about these extra suggestions is that if you follow those tips and ideas then you surely get better result with much colder room and that help you in a great way.

So, if you are also feeling that your Aircon unit is not as colder as it used to, then now is the time to call a technician for its servicing. And when you will get proper servicing of your Aircon unit, then this is an assurance that you will get much colder room without any complication or trouble.

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