Why Does The Aircon Turns On And Off On Its Own?

Air conditioning is by far the most effective way of managing air temperatures and humidity. Air conditioners perform key necessities in man’s life like heating, cooling, ventilation and dis-infection of air, thus proving to be very vital electrical appliances. They simply transform that office or home into a habitable and good working environment.

Why Does The Aircon Turns On And Off On Its Own?

Air conditioners in Singapore are a must have owing to the present climate. With high humidity and temperatures getting as high as 31 degrees Celsius it is practically impossible to work in your home or office.

In one time or the other, you might have experienced a situation where by your own air conditioner turns on and off by itself. Nothing can be more unbearable than a scorching room in the hot and humid Singapore climate. Several reasons can be linked to such abnormal behavior of your air conditioner. The actual cause could be a simple one, which you can troubleshoot by yourself, or could require expertise. With knowledge of the various parts of the air conditioner, one can understand the causes of such malfunctions. The main parts of the air conditioning system are: the expansion valve, evaporating unit, condensing unit and the compressor.

What then are the reasons to an air conditioner turning on and off on its own?

· It could be a simple problem such as an erratic setting e.g. timer settings on the air conditioner.
It could have been set to switch on and off automatically at certain times or conditions. Such settings can be reset making the air con to operate normally.

· Clogging of dust and debris on the compressor.
Once dust piles up on the compressor, it prevents the heat generated from being expelled to the surroundings. This makes the compressor pressure and temperature to rise significantly. The circuit breaker installed therefore trips, breaking the circuit. (This is usually a safety precaution that is meant to shield the interior parts of the air conditions from the adverse effects of high temperature and pressure). This then causes an unforeseen shutdown of the aircon. After some time, once the compressor has cooled down it switches back on to operate normally.

· Defective component(s).
For instance, if the circuit board ( responsible for running the fan unit), is spoilt, turning on and off of the aircon is simply unavoidable. Other damaged components like the electronic controls and sensors could also be responsible for this behavior. They may cause impairment of the circuit board and an overload on the magnetic circuit breaker causing it to trip frequently and thus the turning off and on of the aircon.

If your air conditioner behaves this way, it simply needs simple repair and maintenance. While in Singapore, aircon repair is best offered by airconservice; a repair, chemical clean and installation company. With a team of dedicated experts, airconservice are committed to ensuring that all your air-conditioning needs are catered for accordingly.

Why go for airconservice as your repair company?

· Vast experience in dealing with air conditioners- our professional technicians are well conversant with air condition repair, owing to a long working experience and exposure. We ensure that our best service reaches to you for your own tranquility.

· We are an insured company, such that incase of any leftover or any defect after repair of your aircon, you can claim for compensation and can be indemnified.

· Our staff is highly trained and trusted. We highly scrutinize our staff for any criminal background information. We are committed to winning your trust.

· We have a best earned reputation in the whole of Singapore as the number one aircon repair company in Singapore, highly approved and endorsed by the international Better Business bureau organization. This is due to the fact that we have been providing high quality, definitive and genuine services for an extended period of time.

· We are an all in one Repair Company. We provide all our clients’ needs and all types of repairs in one stop. We ensure expertise as well in repairing our clients’ air conditioners when need arises. We have a fast response and we ensure that your faulty air conditioner is working within the shortest span of time possible.

Repair services offered include: repairing damaged as well as full replacement of compressors, repair or replacement of evaporation coils, blower fans, and remote controls at affordable rates. Try us today.
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