Which Aircon Brand Is Quieter?

In a country like Singapore, having a good aircon unit is very important, especially during summer seasons. There are currently four types of air conditioner systems in the market, giving you a range of selection as per your needs. They include Split AC, window AC, the Portable AC, and Central AC. The demands of these units are usually high during summer seasons. However, in terms of brand comparison, these air conditioners vary in one or another. For instance, they vary in terms of filtering function, level of noise they produce, cost, cooling efficiency, warranty and power. Selecting the best brand of air conditioner in terms of noise can sometimes be a daunting and challenging task. To help you find your most preferred type, here is a list of some quieter aircon brands:


1. Samsung Aircon Units

In the electronics market of the consumer, Samsung is one of those most trusted brands. For several decades now, this South Korean company has been offering the air conditioning solutions and people across the world have developed faith in its brands. The various factors that attract more people towards Samsung brand are its de-humidification technology, energy star rating, and turbo cleaning. According to the manufacturer, their aircon's are also helpful in maintaining hygiene and good health as it gets rid of health threatening bacteria and allergy causing automatically. Samsung also manufactures floor standing, the split aircon's and windows in which all of them are very efficient when it comes to cooling.

2. Panasonic aircon's

This particular brand is a product of Panasonic Company that offers several different types of air conditioners to suit everyone’s needs and requirements. The brand includes some great features like auto comfort that provides you with good breathable air quality. You can set this Panasonic air conditioner based on the level of your comfort as the unit’s horizontal louvers allow you to set the machine as you want it. This brand also have a five star rating status in terms of quietness while working, making it a preferable choice for those looking for quiet aircon's. It basically gives you good value for your money.

3. LG aircon's

This is yet another good quiet air conditioner brand suitable for both home and office use. The air conditioner units from LG have been found to be highly equipped with great features and with the most recent innovations that you cannot find in most of other brands. Throughout the world, LG has been dominating, particularly in the air conditioning systems market. LG brands have always been the favorite for many people across the world as they have always been focusing on satisfying homeowners with their products and relatively less when it comes to generating big revenues. Other technologies used in designing this brand of aircon's are plasma filtration, the inverter technology, and jet cooling system.

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4. Daikin aircon's

Daikin is a leading air conditioner brand, particularly in Singapore, which provides cooling comfort for both homes and business premises. This particular brand has been ruling in the market for a quit long time. This brand is also boasting of innovative technological-features, which provide you with exceptional service quality. The air conditioners offered by Daikin company are best known for their energy saving and performance features. There are also several types to choice form; available both quit and noise types. These air conditioning units are also designed with user-friendly features, which make it easy to use as well as enjoy cool, quieter breeze for quite long time. They are touted to increase your lifestyle and also create a good effect on the environment.

5. Hitachi aircon's

Hitachi is basically a multinational company that manufactures both noisy and quiet air conditioning systems. It has also been acclaimed for producing one of the most energy saving and efficient aircon's. The solution of air conditioning offered by this brand is best in terms of reliability, technology, efficiency and the value for your money. In addition, the air conditioners also have a lower consumption of power and emit very little greenhouse gases. This also contributes to being less noisy. The technology of self-cleaning used in Hitachi brands is very effective, hence keeping it ahead of many other brands.

6. Mitsubishi Aircon's

Mitsubishi is one of the air conditioning brands, which boasts of having their units fitted with effective silencing technologies. These air conditioners can function almost without making any noise and can offer great cooling experience. The comfort-ability level this brand of Mitsubishi features also makes a great option. They can provide a better effect towards your environment and can function at any humid climate.

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7. Voltas Aircon's

Voltas is also one of the most reputable and reliable Indian multi-national company that manufactures various types of air conditioning units. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing aircon's and other cooling appliances. It has also been a successful manufacturer in this industry. The Voltas air conditioners promises to offer a superb cooling effect without making noise.

8. Carrier Aircon's

Since its establishment more than eleven decades now, Carrier has been tremendously improving in the production of air condition and other cooling appliances to improve the lifestyle of individuals. Being one of the leading air conditioners manufacturers, Carrier offers a variety of conditioning units, including noiseless ones. Throughout the years, this company has always been keeping their main focus on creating something unique and great to suit various needs and requirements. Some of the features such as the silver ion filters and the active carbon-deodizer used in their product are very effective. Not only this brand is available in different types, including quiet aircon units, they also eliminate any odor smell from the environment and protect the harmful bacteria that may affect your health.

In a nutshell, with best after sales services, you will definitely end up being a happier customer after buying any of these brands. These great tips will help you find the best quieter brand of air conditioning unit that meets your needs. You need something more unique, try to compare features of some of these brands and choose that suits you. This is because, even if there are silent units of these brands, they also vary in terms of other features, such as energy consumption, level of efficiency and many more.

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