What Type Of Aircon Should I Get For My Office?

The temperature of Singapore is always high, and so it is not a surprise that Singaporeans use air conditioners in their homes and offices. If you are planning to buy an aircon for your workplace, then you should know that going for the one you have in your home will not be helpful. You need to be very careful when it comes to choosing an air conditioner as going with a wrong one is associated with:
Loss of money,
High electricity bills,
Uncomfortable temperatures in the workplace,
Frequent maintenance works and other such difficulties.


But do not worry about it as there are plenty of different types and brands of air conditioners that are tailored to satisfy office cooling needs. For your convenience, the different popular types of air conditioners have been mentioned here. Besides this, the many things that you need to consider in order to make sure you have the perfect air conditioner for your workplace are also explained in details.

So, let’s start with the different types air conditioners:

Refrigerated unit

Out of the many types of aircon that are available in the market, this type is highly recommended for almost all offices of Singapore. Refrigerated unit is known for its effectiveness in cooling down the temperature of an office, and hence most offices go for this type only. It will work effectively during the hot weather, so it will come in handy during May, Singapore’s warmest month (on an average). Another reason why this unit is so popular will have to be because of the fact that it can reduce the humidity inside any workplace.

Cassette unit

If your workplace happens to have a limited roof space then this will be the right unit to go for. Cassette air conditioner unit is very powerful, so not only it will work well in a large space, but also in a small space with many people. As this unit will be placed on the roof, so it will cool effectively from top to bottom. There are many different styles and designs of this type of air conditioner unit, and so you can choose one that will go with the décor of your workplace. But, the fact that it is a high efficiency unit is the best part about this type of unit.

Office Aircon

Ducted unit

The reason why ducted air conditioner unit is so popular in Singapore is because it can control the entire temperature of a workspace quite easily. So, if your workplace is quite large or you work requires undivided concentration then this type of air conditioner will be perfect. You can either install the indoor unit under the floor or on the ceiling. Its flexibility in cooling the entire work space is a big reason why Singaporean business owners use it as it can provide relief during the drier months including June and also during the wet months including December.

Split unit

As you may know split air conditioners are actually very helpful when it comes to cooling a home. Fortunately, the best air conditioners and other cooling system brands have for you many different types of split air conditioner unit made especially for offices. The two parts of this unit are the outdoor condenser and indoor cooling. It is the job of the outdoor unit to generate air with the help of its fan. This generated air on the other hand will flow through the indoor unit to cool the office. The best thing about this type of unit is that there is no need to concern about complicated installation process when dealing with this particular kind.

Packaged unit

The type of air conditioner that most Singaporeans love in their offices is the packaged unit. Hence, it happens to be the most common and popular type of air conditioner in different offices. This type of unit is perfect for large spaces and thus you can see many industrial spaces in and around Singapore using this unit. It can cool down a workplace in just few minutes and the best part about packaged unit is that it can be installed anywhere as you please like on the wall or roof. Now that you are familiar with the different types of suitable aircon units that you can go for, here are some things to consider that will help you to pick better:

Air Conditioner

Important features

It is true that each and every aircon unit will have its own set of special features and the price will vary according to these features. So to make sure that you are choosing the right unit for your workplace, there are some features that should be present in the chosen unit. These features are- timer, dehumidifier, remote control, reverse cycle for heating, air filter for removing smokes, germs and odors and such others.

BTUs, Tons and Area of your office

BTU (British Thermal Units) is commonly used in Singapore and it happens to be a unit for measuring the cooling capacity. So, in very simple words, higher value of BTUs will mean a higher cooling capacity. Generally, 1 ton air conditioner equals into 12,000 BTUs which will be perfect a work place that is less than 1000 square feet in area. Most well-known brands and manufactures will provide you the information that can guide you to buy the right ton according to the area of your workplace.

Installation process and Maintenance work

Speaking of well-known brands and manufactures; when choosing a company, it will be best to go for a good brand or manufactures as they come with many different advantages. Only the best in the business provide advantages like free installation, annual maintenance work, customer care services, warranty and guarantee and other such. As air conditioners are expensive and also important for regulating the mood of your employees, so these advantages will come in handy.

Singapore Energy Labelling Scheme

In an attempt to make Singapore more environment friendly, the Singapore Energy Labelling Scheme was introduced in the year 2002. According to this, consumers like you will get to know if an electrical appliance happens to energy efficient or not. A label with energy ticks will be on the air conditioner of your choosing and if you see that one model has more ticks than the other, then in such a case the air conditioner with more ticks will be more energy efficient.

There you have it, the information that you need to determine which type of aircon will be perfect for your office.

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