What Is The Best Aircon Temperature To Save Money?

Warm days in Singapore need good cooling equipment to keep you fresh and comfortable all day. Although expenses on air conditioning units are unavoidable, there are several ways on how you can save money. One of the most common ways to reduce expenses on the use of air con units is by regulating your air temperature. Various air con service providers have different views when it comes to the best aircon temperature for lesser expenses. However, most experts say that the best air con temperature depends on the warmness and humidity of the air in a specific day.


What Is The Best Aircon Temperature To Save Money?

While most individuals believe that setting your thermostat very low can save up on expenses, this misconception has been disproved in several occasions. Instead of running your air con unit with lesser power all throughout the day, you can save up on money by turning them full blast when you’re at home and turning them off while you’re out of the house. Several experts in air con unit repair and installation have already claimed this as a fact.

According to reliable air conditioning service companies, raising your thermostat a degree above 72 degrees can reduce your expenses by up to 3 to 5 percent. This means that if you set the temperature on 78 degrees, you can save up to 30 percent on expenses. Aside from the benefit of saving money, raising your thermostat at 72 degrees or higher can also provide the following benefits:
-Maximum comfort, even when the temperature outside is very hot
-Kids do not become irritable
-Even pets enjoy the cool temperature
-Better body functioning
-Prevents dehydration and other effects of excessive temperatures

Saving through Humidity

Humidity is another factor which can affect both your comfort and electricity expenses on air conditioner use. Humidity determines the amount of moisture in the air. Higher humidity means moist air, making it difficult for sweat to evaporate. As a result, you become too uncomfortable as sweat runs down through your skin surface.
The ideal humidity level in an ordinary warm summer day is 60%. At this level, the amount of moisture in the air is not too much and your sweat can evaporate normally. The more comfortable you become, the lesser need for constant regulation of thermostats and the lesser the expenses.

Saving at Night time

During the night, heat radiates through your arms and legs as your body temperature lowers down. In order to save up on money, you can set your air con’s thermostat at 80 degrees and use pajamas or a thin sheet as necessary. This can also promote comfort to the max.


Other Essential Tips

Aside from regulating aircon temperature and humidity, you can also reduce expenses on the use of air conditioning unit by following these essential tips:

1. Regularly clean air filters

Dirty air filters make your air con unit less efficient. As a result, expenses can mount up and eat your budget. Having dirty air filters can also make the air unhealthy for you and your family.

2. Close the blinds

Natural light coming from the sun can also increase the temperature inside your house. To reduce expenses, you must avoid letting natural light in when it is not necessary. Close window blinds and curtains especially during very hot summer days.

3. Try using fans

If the temperature is not too warm and an ordinary electric fan can make the environment cool enough, you can turn off your air con unit and use fans. Electric fans can never replace your air conditioning units but you can always use them to save on expenses.

4. Always undergo regular check up

Electric bills on air conditioning units can get too high when the unit is not functioning well such as when the air ducts or vents are not working right. If your air conditioning unit has been a workhorse for some years, annual inspections must be conducted to make sure that your unit is working at its best. Having your air con unit repaired regularly can also help reduce your expenses.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when using your air conditioning units. By following these useful tips to reduce your electricity usage, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable temperature at home or even at work.

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