What Are The Best 5 Ticks Energy Saving Aircon Brand?

Finding the right aircon unit can be tricky, especially when you want a unit that can help you save the energy costs. There are several energy saving aircon units that you can depend on to use less energy and deliver the right services to you. When you are finding the right unit for your hose, you will need to be keen to find one that has the right features, and can serve you as you expect.

Some of the top units that are trusted in Singapore include Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and LG. That said, here is a look at the top 5 energy saving aircon brands that have a 5 star energy saving rating.


1. Panasonic

Panasonic was officially launched in 1918 in Japan, by a young businessman called Konosuke Matsushita. The main aim of establishing the company was to create valuable products. As of now, the company has developed top appliances that are used in homes and commercial properties. The Panasonic aircon's are among the most trusted units in Singapore and the world at large.

This stands as a top brand in Singapore, and it is installed in many homes in Singapore. They have split and ductless units that offer reliable air conditioning in the house. The Panasonic brand has elegant features that benefit the home and commercial users. The ductless aircon units make Panasonic a trusted brand. The brand is also well-known for the low costs units, and the energy efficient technology that it uses in its units. They also deliver high-quality units that serve customers with reliability. When you need the ductless units, you can either choose the ceiling mounted units, the concealed duct, and the mounted units.

Panasonic uses an inverter technology, which helps to cut down on the energy use of the unit. The unit maintains the speed of the compressor and temperature managed by the AC. This is carried out using the smart monitoring system that regulates the temperature and speed automatically.

You can find some affordable aircon units from Panasonic, which are still reliable and highly-functional. Other than the inverter technology that Panasonic uses, it also has some amazing features. Some top features that are found in the Panasonic units include an anti-bacterial filter, Blue Fin technology, R410 refrigerant system, and an around-the-clock mode. You can set the aircon unit to work for 24 hours. Even with the long running hours, the aircon unit is designed to be strong and work with elegance, without breaking down. With the combination of all these features, the aircon unit can deliver high quality services that serve the dwellers of the home.

The Panasonic aircon units are known to be less noisy, and they are also designed to cleanse the air and get rid of the microorganism from the air that you breathe. You will not easily notice a Panasonic aircon unit when you walk in a room. Unless it is installed in an open space, you may not recognize it due to its quite mechanism.

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2. Mitsubishi

The brand was established in 1921, and since then it has grown to be one of the most trusted brand in the world. Other than Mitsubishi known for its motor vehicle manufacturing, it also delivers high-quality aircon units that offer total delivery. With Mitsubishi, you can enjoy an innovative technology that helps to cut down on the energy consumption. This helps to save on the electricity bills, and deliver top quality service. The brand also delivers ductless and split aircon units to customers.

It is well known for the 10-year warranty that it offers with its aircon units. With this, you can enjoy using the unit, and be sure of its durability. The warranty assures you of service at all times, without incurring extra charges. For instance, you can go for the Mr. Slim Mitsubishi aircon units. These models are the most popular Mitsubishi aircon units.

Mitsubishi is known to deliver highly-durable units that can stand strong in harsh conditions. On top of that, the long warranty helps to assure you of a long term service delivery. They also come with a classy design that offers sophistication and elegance. Some are designed in ultra slim design to fit your living room or office, without using much space. Whether you have a small office, or you want one in your small HDB flat, you can be sure of finding one from Mitsubishi.

The brand also delivers energy-efficient units that can help you save on the electricity bills. They are also pocket-friendly, and they also come with a Catchetin Plus air filter. With these filters, they help to get rid of the air pollutants in the room.

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3. Daikin

Daikin might be established in 1968, but it beats many other top aircon brands in Singapore. It is another top brand of aircon units in Singapore, which delivers high-quality units. Daikin is known for the delivery of non-inverter and inverter units, so you can choose according to your preference. The devices are made from high-quality materials that help it look classy and also durable.

The brand also delivers top units like the inverter aircon, commercial multi-split air conditioners, HDB multi room aircon units, among others. Above all, Daikin has won the PMEBs Favorite Aircon Brand Award in Singapore. This proves that the aircon is trusted by many customers. They also require minimum maintenance to sustain its efficiency.

Daikin has made history in Singapore. For instance, it is the first brand that introduced the multi-split aircon units to the HDB homes in Singapore. The company also introduced the first VRV systems that were used for commercial properties. The VRV, Variable Refrigerant flow systems lets the end user to maintain the cooling control in their space or floor. The system allows the users to customize the cooling of their floor or space.

You can choose any of these aircon, though the Mitsubishi aircon's are known to be cheap and quite reliable. As you select the aircon unit of your choice, ensure that you check for the 5-star rating, and also ensure that it is maintenance free. Choosing one with a long warranty can help you limit the maintenance costs.

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