What Are The Benefits Of Regular Aircon Servicing?

Regular air conditioning servicing is critical to sustaining effective functioning of the device and preventing the need for expensive repairs. A significant number of home owners wait for a complete breakdown in the system before investing in aircon servicing but this should not be the case. The best way to minimize expenses in aircon systems is to ensure regular maintenance and report any glitches before the problem gets serious.


Why do Air Conditioning Systems Fail?

One of the most common causes of aircon failure is improper user habits. If the AC is turned on, make sure all the windows and outside doors are shut, and for room air conditioners, isolate the room from the rest of the house. This will save a great deal of energy and minimize chances of device failure in the long run. Another reason why air conditioners fail is faulty installation and low-quality servicing procedures. Improper installation can also lead to decreased airflow and leaky ducts, and if the refrigerant charge fails to match the specifications set by the manufacturer, performance and efficiency may be compromised. If your aircon fails for no apparent reason, a certified technician should be contacted to check the fuses and circuit breakers. If however, the system stops on a hot day, the high-pressure limit switch may be tripped, and that can be fixed by the user. To reset the unit, just press the button located on the access panel.

Other Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

Refrigerant Leaks

The coolant or Freon level in all ACs needs regular testing. A 10% reduction in Freon can cost a homeowner or business owner up to 20 percent more in electrical expenses and it can also lead to undue wear and tear on the unit. Some systems fail to get enough charge during installation and this may lead to leaking. If the system leaks, adding refrigerant solution does not fix the problem. A trained technician has to examine the leak and conduct a number of tests to determine the most effective fix. Keep in mind the performance of the AC largely depends on the refrigerant charge matching the specifications set by the manufacturer. This coolant is in fact a chlorofluorocarbon which causes damage to the environment, specifically destroying the ozone layer. Air conditioning contractors try to minimize incidents of leakage but the best way to prevent such cases is to commit to regular testing as a way to maintain the right Freon levels.

Sensor Problems

All room aircon systems feature a thermostat sensor laced somewhere at the control panel, and its function is to measure the temperature of flowing into the evaporative coil. When the sensor is knocked out of position, the system may start to function erratically, affecting the quality of air. This sensor should be placed near the coil but not close enough to make contact. There’s a wire that holds it in place next to the coil and a technician can bend it one way or another to position the sensor.

Drainage Problems

Wet and humid weather can clog the condenser drain, causing problems with your AC. Room air conditioners are especially vulnerable to clogging when not mounted level.

Air Conditioners

Electric Control Failure

There are a number of reasons why air conditioners trip the circuit breaker. ACs are designed to pull in a certain amount of amps, and if the breaker is rated for a lower amount; e.g., 20 amps, and the AC pulls in 30 amps, the breaker will trip.
Breakers are meant to trip so as to protect you from over currents that may damage equipment and cause fires. So do not keep resetting the breaker and letting it trip. Constant tripping may point to a more serious problem. Common causes of circuit breaker trips:
· Faulty circuit breaker
· Dirty air filter
· Shorted motor
· Faulty compressor
· Dirty outside unit

Aside from the dirty air filter- which you can empty yourself-everything else requires a qualified technician.

The benefits of regular Aircon Servicing

· Minimizes energy costs
· Extends the life of the device
· Prevents expensive breakdowns
· Boosts system performance

Small measures can make a huge difference in the long run; and when ignored, little problems can build up and cause more severe problems. For instance, air filters are relatively easy to clean, but a lot of people ignore them, leading to a reduction in performance and increased energy usage.

ACs consume a large portion of the average monthly power bill and this can get worse if the system goes a long time without maintenance. A typical air conditioner loses around 5% of its overall effectiveness ever year it goes without professional maintenance. When the system operates at peak it can lower your power bill by up to 25%, and in the process double the lifespan of the AC.

Regular Aircon Servicing

When the air filter is cleaned, air-flow is maximized and this allows the system to operate better, resulting in cleaner air.
During extreme weather people need a fully-functioning AC to maintain comfortable temperatures. Annual inspection and aircon servicing ensures consistent functioning of the system by taking into consideration the following features:
· Electrical readings
· Air flow
· Thermostat
· Fan motors
· Lubrication
· Air filters
· Fan belts
· Refrigerant pressure
· Contractor
· Fan relay
· Drain lines
· Capacitors
· Indoor coils
· Temperature exchange
· Defrost control
· Sub-cooling, etc.
When the system calls for more than a simple switch of a button or emptying of air filters you may need to contact a professional HVAC technician. Many of the health hazards commonly associated with polluted air can be significantly reduced with installation and regular maintenance of AC systems. Also, a unit functioning at full capacity will keep your home comfortable by controlling humidity levels and maximizing the cooling effect.

All homeowners and business owners benefit from having a properly-functioning AC. In addition to providing quality air, it also minimizes cost and provides comfort. When installed in the home, the entire family will appreciate the added effect, and children will be spared from problems associated with low-quality air such as respiratory infections.

If you have a faulty air conditioner at the workplace, it may be causing pollution and affecting the health and productivity of your staff- not to mention costing the business large sums in power bills. Invest in a good AC and follow the recommended maintenance guidelines in order to ensure full performance and a healthy environment for everyone.

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