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Air quality in the home or office has been shown to have a significant impact on the health of individuals within the home or workplace. This is why more and more people are opting for the best when it comes to the choice of air conditioning unit installed in their homes and offices. Mitsubishi air conditioners are among the best air conditioning systems in the market today. To understand why one would to purchase a Mitsubishi aircon unit, it is necessary to look at the pros and cons these air-conditioning units have to offer to the user.

 Mitsubishi Aircon

It is important to note that the review below is a general review of all the different air conditioning unit types available in the market today. It is necessary have a brief look at each system to fully comprehend exactly what Mitsubishi aircons offer.

These types or systems include the following:-

i. Wall mounted systems
ii. Ceiling suspended systems
iii. Ceiling recessed systems
iv. Concealed duct systems
v. Out door systems

Wall Mounted Mitsubishi Aircon

The wall mounted system usually serves individual apartments or offices and therefore has a fairly low BTU rating. These wall mounted systems are the more common air conditioning unit in many office and apartment buildings. The wall mounted air conditioning system is composed of two distinct but interconnected units referred to as the indoor and outdoor units. As the name suggests the indoor unit is mounted on the wall within the room while the outdoor unit is usually placed on the window ledge outside the office or apartment. The unit can also be placed on the roof or on the ground on a base beyond the building.

The two units are connected to each other by two separate counter-flowing insulated brass pipes. Air conditioning fluid while under low pressure and high temperature flows through the first insulated brass pipe, from the interior of the room, through the wall to the outdoor unit. From the outdoor unit air conditioning fluid while under high pressure and low temperature flow through the second insulated brass pipe, through the wall, to the indoor unit. The two pipes form a loop that allows the air conditioning fluid to flow between the two units. This continuous flow allows for the removal of heat from the interior of the apartment or office to the exterior of the building.

Ceiling Suspended Mitsubishi Aircon

The ceiling suspended air conditioning system is similar to the wall mounted system in operating principal and general mode of installation. This system also has indoor and outdoor units which are interconnected by two separate insulated brass pipes forming the loop through which the air conditioning fluid flows. The only difference is in the mode of installation of the indoor unit which is mounted on the ceiling instead of the wall. The outdoor unit is installed in a similar manner to the wall mounted system.

Ceiling Recessed Mitsubishi Aircon

The ceiling recessed aircon system is similar to the two previous mentioned Mitsubishi aircon systems. It also has an indoor and outdoor unit interconnected by two separate counter-flowing insulated brass pipes. The distinct feature with this system is that it is the indoor unit is installed in a recessed manner within the ceiling, such that the entire unit is level with the ceiling.

Concealed Duct Mitsubishi Aircon

The concealed duct system is different form the previous three Mitsubishi aircon systems in that the system is comprised of a single unit, installed in a recessed fashion, within the ceiling of a room or apartment. This system makes use of a hidden system of ducts that convey hot air out of the building while bringing in cool air into the office or apartment. The concealed duct system is used for cooling much large areas of a building and therefore has relatively high BTU rating.

Mitsubishi Aircon

Standalone Outdoor Mitsubishi Aircon

The standalone outdoor aircon system is the largest of the Mitsubishi aircon's and has the highest BTU rating of all. These systems are used for cooling entire apartment buildings through a system of hidden air ducts that traverse the building. These systems are usually installed on the roofs of apartment buildings at the main vent of the building’s air duct system.

Pros of Mitsubishi Aircon systems

Despite the differences in structure, all Mitsubishi aircon systems employ the same operating principals and therefore make use of the same standard features. These features are as described below:-

i. The use of an inverter

The inverter is an electronic component of the aircon that allows for variation of the frequency of the AC mains power supply. By varying the frequency of the power supply, the speed at which the compressor motor operates can be controlled with minimal loss to the initial power contained in the mains power supply. This makes Mitsubishi aircon units quite energy efficient.

ii. Fuzzy control

The fuzzy control feature ensures that changes in temperature and humidity within the apartment, room or office readings are instantly followed by the appropriate response by the system. This ensures that the occupants are comfortable throughout due to the efficient control of temperature and humidity.

iii. Comfort enhancement

The wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and ceiling-recessed systems employ a dispersed wide-spread air flow mechanism that ensures that the uniformity of the temperature and humidity of the air within the room. This ensures that anyone within the room experiences the same air quality regardless of their location relative the indoor aircon unit.

iv. Self-diagnosis

The microprocessor operated aircon system has the capability of detecting both electrical and mechanical faults that might prevent the efficient functioning of the system. This information is then displayed in the LCD display of the wired or wireless remote control unit attached to the system. This reduces the time needed to troubleshoot and correct faults with the Mitsubishi aircon.

Cons of the Mitsubishi aircon system

The one fault of the Mitsubishi aircon system is the absence of sensors that can detect the presence or absence of individuals within a room. This feature is present in some of its competitors and plays a major role in making these other systems more energy efficient.

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