Some Vital Things To Know About Air-Con Service

You are in this page, because you already have an air-con in your home and would like to know about serving it at the right time, isn’t it? If so, then you have a piece of good news. We have some important information to share with you about air con service, the benefits of hiring a professional to do the job & some maintenance tips.

Air-Con Service

Why should you hire a professional?

Many a times, people ask us this question. Why should we hire a professional to do the job of air con servicing? Can’t we do it ourselves? Why should I spend money on something that is easy for me to do? But trust us, once you read this you will never think of asking such things in future. There are many notable benefits that one will get by hiring a professional to do the job.

The first thing that will come to your mind is about the job that is being done. You can be well assured that your air con is in good hands and the professional knows what he is doing. Sometimes, it is not a good idea to tackle such situations all alone. Imagine a situation, where you tried repairing your air conditioner and end up breaking it! Fatal, isn’t it? However, when a professional does the process, everything goes on smoothly.

Especially, when it comes to today’s air cons, there are many itsy-bitsy things that come into account. Even a small part will be quite intricate and hence only a professional touch will guarantee complete satisfaction. Once you start on your own, you will come to a conclusion that air con repair is not a DIY job! The funny thing of all is you may have to spend hours thinking what went wrong and how you should start. Therefore, to devoid of this, just make a call to a professional to do a professional’s job!

Air-Con Service

Once a professional takes an upper hand over the air con, you can get enough tips and advice on the machine. It is not just a service call, but you can get the most out of it. Some professionals sound very friendly and they even give you plenty of personal tips that will help you keep up the air conditioner in a good way. Sometimes, a professional may give you information about other things that you should note while using an air con. Clogged ducts, fallen parts, dust and so on may cause future problems and if you get a clear knowledge about this, you can take some precautions to avoid such issues.

You can also be assured of long time maintenance when a professional handles your air conditioner. Apart from servicing the machine, he will also go a step ahead and check on the other parts to make sure they are working fine. He will give your air con a thorough look. Some will guide you about many maintenance plans associated with the machine and how to get it done too. You will get a clear idea about the cost and this will give you enough time to keep your funds ready.

Got a clear idea about the benefits of hiring a professional? Now, you should spend some time to know some basic maintenance tips that will help you to keep the air con out of trouble. After all, a faulty machine is quite disturbing and you will never have a good control over the room’s temperature.

Maintenance tips for your air conditioner:

Buying a new machine is an easy thing, but when it comes to maintaining it people always frown. This is the reason why many of the equipment fail to work after some time. Take for instance, air cons. If they are not maintained properly then you should surely spend a fortune for the after service. there are few things that are simple for keeping the air con in a good condition. Not only can you keep the machine well maintained, but you will also save some money too!

Air-Con Service

Tip 1: Regularly clean the air filter:

Cleaning the air filter or replacing it is a regular job that you should do if you have a working air con at home. Doing it once a month is very apt especially if you are using the air con more in some seasons. Find out where the air filter is located and make sure to use enough tools to clean it or replace it properly. If you are not sure about this procedure, get the help of someone who is well versed in this. The air filter becomes problematic when it is filled with dust and other such particles. This will make the air flow dirtier too. therefore, just a simple task will help you out.

Tip 2: Always check for the wiring:

It is always good to check for the wiring and other components in the air conditioner. Before you start the job, a good thing will be to shut the power down to avoid any fatalities. Make sure to check the wiring all over. Check other electrical connections too and if you find them faulty, tighten them. Also look out for any signs of overheating. These will help you reduce the damage at an early stage.

Tip 3: Check the thermostat:

Checking the thermostat is an equally important task. Make sure it is working properly. If there is a change in the room temperature, you can clearly understand something is wrong with the thermostat. Upgrade to the electronic ones if you are still using the old mechanical ones.

Tip 4: Cleaning the outdoor unit:

Every air conditioner is accompanied by an outdoor unit. Make sure it is clean too. sometimes, this outdoor unit may be placed in the middle of a garden. In such cases, grass clippings, fallen leaves and the likes of them will get accumulated and create problems. This will cut the air flow and the capacity of the system will also be decreased.


Got an idea about some basic air con service tips and what you should do? By following these simple tips we are sure you can get the most out of your air conditioner.

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