Panasonic Air Conditioner Reviews

Panasonic have been in the manufacturing of air conditioner for many years now. Their first production was in the year 1958.Technology has evolved ever since and it happens that Panasonic is becoming the leading name in the manufacturing of air conditioners. The most current range of the Panasonic air conditioning includes but not limited to reverse cycle and cooling only split system, cassette air and ducted air conditioners. The Panasonic air conditioner has 33 different air conditioner models that are in the market. However, many of these have slight variations in cooling/capacity ability-related to kw.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Reviews

If you are interested in the best brand of the air conditioner unit in singapore, there are many brands available in the country. However, different brands have different features. Therefore, you will have to go for the best brand that suits your needs more satisfactorily. Panasonic is one of the most popular brands among the home owners in singapore. They are high quality products and in the following article you will find some useful information about this brand.

Split system

This makes up the largest proportion range of the Panasonic air conditioner. Currently, there are 17 split system in singapore. The current range f models include the five reverse cycle, cooling only and seven new-energy efficient models. All these systems use the technology of inverter technology; this ensures that the model is more energy efficient.


This model has a very good impression. They whisper quietly and also they are very efficient. Their setting has so many adjustments on operation and running and also its remote is very responsive. Overall products which have been tested have only minor flaws but very good and reliable.


There are 8 models of the ducted range. This also includes the three models which has three phases of operation. This air conditioner has a feature of inverter technology. There is a smaller unit which is the 60PE1R5, this is the 6kw system which is also a 14 kw system. The ducted system is the best choice since it can cool the whole house and even the air outlets can be placed in the place of choice.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Reviews


This duct system is very efficient in its function of cooling especially in larger and smaller living room. It is quiet and has minimal operating noise. This makes it too quickly to blend to the background noise. Its inverter technology saves up to 50 % of total energy consumption.


In the current market, there are 8 cassette air conditioner. 3 of these models are in 3 phase operation. They are also made available in the same kw rating as a ducted system. They also offer a high flow of air and they can be installed within the ceiling height. These cassettes have a maximum length of 75 m and this means that this model can be used in very building.


Cassettes are the best option since they have the ability to pump out serious airflow. Additionally, it has a minimal noise when it operates normally. It also has the inverter technology and this is crucial in cutting the electricity bill. Its function of heating and cooling is done perfectly and this is the best option if you want a high airflow with high ceilings.

Suitable for solar operation

The Panasonic have in the recent past introduced the reverse cycle inverter-split system. This is patented by the ENCONAVI technologies. This system has dedicated intelligent sensors which cooperate in order to reduce the energy wastage. The manufacture comes out by saying that 38 % and 45% can be saved on cooling and heating respectively. Many of the Panasonic models of air conditioner can be fully converted to the hybrid or full solar.

Panasonic Air Conditioner Reviews


The Panasonic offers a 5-year warranty on the air conditioner. This is valid from the day of purchase but not on the day the air con was installed. Panasonics offers the home service. This means that the professional who is fully qualified in repairing the air conditioners will have to frequent your house to check and also do repairs on the air conditioner. Panasonic is the most popular brand which has a lot of air con products. It is well known for its ductless and split air conditioner. The air conditioner comes with many features and this is the reason why the brand has gained popularity in the market segment. It has many models which include the wall mounted, ceiling mounted and also the concealed duct unit. Let us now look at some of the advantages the Panasonic air conditioners have.

Quiet unit

This is the very first advantage that you can draw your satisfaction. All units have this special procedure which means they can be used without producing any noise. It is also possible that these Panasonic brands have the low ambient setting which happens to very suitable for the homeowners who have smaller rooms. This means that you will never worry about the noise that comes from the air conditioner.

Inverter technology

The Panasonic brands are popular for their inverter technology. This technology gives the air conditioner an allowance to work more efficiently. All brands of Panasonic are able to save on energy of which they save every day. Consequentially, you will be able to save on the electricity bill. This means that they are cheaper since they cut the bill and this feature make the Panasonic be the favorite brand.

Washable air filter

Most air conditioner units come with the washable air filter. This means that the filter should be regularly washed to limit the instance f microbial build ups in the filter. The Panasonic air filters are fitted with the antibacterial properties so you do not have to worry about their quality.

Final verdict

Panasonic has a nice package and great varieties of air conditioners in singerpore.It also goes that Panasonic have stayed in the market for a half a century and this has made it the top name when it comes to manufacturing of the air conditioners. If you are searching for the durable and silent air conditioner, then the Panasonic would be the best choice.

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