Mitsubishi Mr Slim Inverter Series Ceiling Cassette Review

Mitsubishi has long been a trusted name in the air-conditioning space and few would be surprised to discover that trend to continue with the Mr. Slim Inverter Series Cassette. For those in search of a name-brand, reputable in-ceiling air conditioner with a powerful punch of cold-air blasting BTUs the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Cassette certainly offers an excellent option.

The investment into a receded aircon unit is nothing to scoff at, so it warrants a reasonable amount of due diligence to determine whether one has arrived at the correct specific machine for the task at hand. A careful consideration of what the machine’s intended use will be paired with the specific features that matter to those who will be using and paying for the unit are all the things that should be at the forefront of discussion when determining if a Mr. Slim inverter series is right for the task at hand.


Known specifically for its supremely quiet operation, this unit serves excellently in an office setting. Also very popular and in high-demand is the device’s ability to flow air in a very wide spread pattern which allows for optimal air distribution.

In office and retail setting, the environment can get rather hectic and there really tends to not be very much time available for messing with fan speed settings. Thankfully, the Mr. Slim inverter series of aircon units are all inclusive with automatic fan speed control ability.

When something goes wrong with the device, outside of having the excellent 10 year Mitsubishi warranty in place, even getting a replacement or repair can be a daunting task and a rather cumbersome situation even if all it warrants is a repair. That is why Mr. Slim users are fortunate to have a very powerful diagnostics tool in place on the unit which is integrated. Think of the diagnostic ability as the unit’s way of scanning itself for any problems or abnormalities. Very often, there is valuable information that the unit can determine on its own about the status of its operation such that when calling in for support, often times a visit never even becomes necessary.

The features on the unit get even more involved and impressive once you start to study the microchips and processors that are all active on the unit’s motherboard.

Ceiling Cassette


Sure it pays to know about all of the fancy features the Mr. Slim provides, but what good are the various merits of the machine if there’s no way to translate that to real experiences that can justify the cost. In many cases, the question at hand is a matter of human resources and productivity. Businesses and individuals purchase air-conditioning units, especially in Singapore, due to the climate and an ever-persisting desire to be comfortable indoors. Surely, man lacks the ability to control the thermostat of mother nature but when it comes down to putting a staff in a room where they can be at their most productive, Mitsubishi does provide for that with their cassette line of Mr. Slim aircon units.


What value is derived from the Mr. Slim unit is going to vary by use and per situation but one thing is for certain, this unit is capable of cooling down a rather large sized room. With a number of varying capacities available at distinct price points, the inverter cassette series is bountiful in options and never lacking in the cool department.

A cooler and less bothered staff, audience or customer base is one that will be easier to manage and will be less of a headache. Headaches cost money whether the building management perspective in question is that of a hotel director or that of a theatre owner. Keeping the individuals that have to occupy the particular space in question on a daily basis cool is the main priority and window air conditioning units are not only cumbersome but an eye sore and indicative of a failing enterprise.

The way to give a positive and glowing appearance to any visitors or new staff members is to keep the facility at a comfortable and desirable condition throughout the day. Surely, at night time, windows can be cracked and units can go into the energy-saving mode but then again — how many facilities are at their busiest at night? Even those few bars and nightclubs can’t think for a moment about trying to cut corners on the temperate and chill around their guest’s experience. Having the proper air-conditioning equipment installed prior to the need is the key to a successful establishment.

Slim Inverter Series Ceiling Cassette

Other Concerns

For many of these units, it is required to purchase the thermostat unit as well as the ceiling grill separately but both are required for the unit to operate. Not knowing this could result in an unfortunate situation should the device get fully installed and not tested too soon prior to the date it is needed to operate. Those who would take exception to this consideration on Mitsubishi’s part ought to realize that these provisions are made for the purpose of allowing each individual customer the ability to customize these specific components to their individual need. Otherwise, they would simply just include these pieces in the entire unit.

Be sure to check when ordering that the unit in the cart is the one that will match the specific use case at hand. Not all units are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and not knowing in advance can just result in an expensive or time-consuming return process.

The optional I-SEE Sensor is a very popular addition to the Mr. Slim cassette model and is being added to units quite often. This particular sensor works hand-in-hand with the thermostat module to ensure that an accurate reading of the microclimate of that particular space is being carefully and correctly read. Then along with assistance from the thermostat, the unit is able to adjust output accordingly, thus keeping the room at the consistent desired temperature, as set on the thermostat.

Final Thoughts

If an industrial unit is the order of the day, then look no further than a Mr. Slim. If the use in question is an office space, then consider carefully the budget, square footage, number of occupants and any other important consideration that may weigh in. Certainly it does stand to reason that this line of devises has been cooling Singapore’s conference rooms, classrooms, shopping centers and hotel lobbies for over three decades. For frontline commercial real-estate these cassette units certainly make a very compelling choice.

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