How To Solve Warm Aircon Air Issues?

It can be frustrating to have a faulty aircon. Probably, the aircon is not cooling, is leaking, is producing some banging noise or producing bad smell. Whatever the issue with your air conditioner, you need to have your air conditioner repaired immediately. You know how the hot afternoons in Singapore can be unbearable. You cannot afford to spend a single afternoon without your air conditioner. The write-up will focus on how to solve aircon issues before contacting professional aircon repairman. However, it is very good to note that the write-up will provide short-term solutions as you wait for the right air conditioner repairman to professionally solve issues with your air conditioner.

Aircon Air Issues?

Air conditioner blowing warm air

Warm aircon air is a common problem with many air conditioners. There are many reasons that can make aircon blow hot air. Some of the reasons that can make aircon produce warm air include;

Improper maintenance

to ensure your air conditioner function well, it is very important always to maintain it in good condition. When your air conditioner is blowing warm air, you should if the fins are clean and straight. Clogged and fins that are not straight can make your air conditioner to produce warm air. If the fins are clean and straight but the unit is producing warm air, kit is very important to seek professional help immediately.

Dirty air filter can also make aircon produce warm air. For the air conditioner to effectively cool your room, the filters should be clean. Clogged air filters obstruct the flow of the air to the coil impeding the functionality of the air. It is recommended that air filters should be changed after two months. If your air conditioner is producing warm air, check if the air filters are dirty. In case the filters are dirty, you should change them.

Thermostat set on the wrong mode

if the aircon is blowing warm air, you also need to check the mode in which thermostat has been set. Check if thermostat has been set to heat mode. If it has been set to heat mode, change to cool mode.
Faulty compressor

compressor in an air conditioner is the major component that helps in controlling refrigerant flow into the cooling circuit. Overheating can render the compressor faulty. If the compressor is faulty, the air conditioner will produce warm air. It is good to ask for professional services. The technician will either repair or replace the compressor depending on its conditioner.

Leakage of the refrigerant

another thing that can cause your aircon to produce warm is refrigerant leakage. If there is a hole in the pipeline that contains refrigerant, the air conditioner refrigerating ability will be compromised, thus, it will produce warm air.

Improper condensing unit

the condensing unit compresses the air conditioner refrigerants into the coil and keeps the system cool. Improper running of the condensing unit can cause the aircon to produce warm air. You should check the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker is in good conditioner, you should look for professional help immediately.

Aircon Air Issues?

The aircon not cool the room well

At times, the air conditioner may produce cool air that is not enough to cool your room. Before contacting professional service provider, you should check if there are objects blocking the air outlet or inlet of the unit. You should also check if the temperature is correctly set by the remote controller. You should look if the air quantity and the direction are properly controlled. Is this does not solve the problem, you should look for professional services.

Short cycles

At times, the air conditioner may cycle on and off frequently. Short cycles can indicate that the unit is oversized to cool the room, or the thermostat is being cooled directly by the unit cooling register. A thermostat that is oversized will cool the room rapidly, so the thermostat will shut the off the unit rapidly.

The room may warm quickly or slowly depending on the prevailing condition. If the room becomes warm, the conditioner turns on but after working for a short time, the air conditioner will cool the room rapidly and turn off. Typically, an oversized aircon will cycle on and off. The best way to solve this problem is to ask for professional service provider to assess and determine the BTUs that your room requires. Thus, you should always consult air conditioner professionals before purchasing the unit.

Ice forming inside the unit

Another common problem that you may face is ice forming inside the unit. Ice inside the unit may compromise the functionality of your unit, and at times, the unit may completely fail to work. Ice inside the unit is a maintenance problem. For example, if you don’t clean aicon's filters regularly, it will collect dirt and dust that will cause blockage. This may stop the unit from breathing.

When the unit cannot breathe, ice will be formed inside the unit. To fix this problem, switch off the aircon for some hours to let the ice inside the unit melt. Once all the ice has melted, remove the dirty filters and clean them. Once you have cleaned the filters, let them dry and replace them. If this does not solve the problem, you should look for a reputable technician to fix the problem.

Air conditioner is emitting a bad smell

At times, you may find that your air conditioner unit is emitting a bad odor. There are several things that can make your unit to produce odor smell such as. Mildew, fungi and mold growth. These can grow if the drainage pipe is blocked. You should check if there are small animals that have died around the aircon. If the odor smell is as a result of blocked drainage system, you need to look for the professional aircon service provider immediately. Blocked drainage pipe can cause other serious damages such as water build up in the unit. These are some of the common problem affecting air conditioners. It is always good to look for a professional air conditioner service to diagnose and fix any problem with your air conditioner.

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