How To Setup Aircon For Shopping Mall

Before setting up an aircon system in a shopping mall, especially in tropical regions like Singapore etc, it is necessary to know the reason behind it.


Reasons to set up aircon in a shopping centre

First reason to install an aircon in a shopping centre is that today people like to spend their time in comfortable atmosphere, especially will shopping in a mall. Such environment is also preferred by the businesses in the mall as it not only motivates people to enter into their shops but also encourage them to stay there for longer time.

Second reason is the humid and sticky climate of Singapore, especially during summer. Usually aircon systems in Singapore shopping malls are set at 23 degree C with strong wind which maintains its temperature at a considerably low level. Sometimes shop owners have to insert paper in the ducts to reduce this coolness. According to technicians, increasing temperature in the shopping centre cannot be possible as it can increase humidity in the mall even if the outside temperature is not too hot.

Third reason is the increasing use of sophisticated appliances in the shops in a shopping mall. Most of these appliances do not work properly in the humid and hot environment of Singapore. So to make them working efficiently it becomes necessary to set its aircon systems at low temperature.

After knowing the reasons of setting aircon systems in shopping mall in Singapore you will have to decide which aircon will be suitable for your shop as they are available in different types as discussed here under.

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Types of aircon systems

It can be confusing to choose right aircon system for a shop or a shopping mall in Singapore as the usage of different types of aircons is also different. Brief information about different types of aircons and their usages is provided her under to help you in choosing a suitable one according to the cooling requirement of your shop.

Split Air-con system:

The aircons of this type can be set up in two ways- centrally mounted and wall mounted. But whatever way you choose to install them their condensing unit to exchange heat will be separated from their evaporating unit. The condensing unit will be installed outside the shop or room and the evaporator units will be mounted on the wall or ceiling of the shop. Usually wall mounted split units also known as packaged terminal air conditioners are used in the malls in the Singapore.

Ceiling Cassette Aircon System:

These aircon systems can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The air conditioners of this type are mainly used where either wall is not available for mounting them or the space available to install the duct of central air conditioner is limited or the air space is limited. In such condition ceiling suspended air conditioning system can also be used to provide comfortable environment in the shop

Windows Casement Air-con System:

The aircon system of this type is popularly used in single room offices or shops. People living in rental rooms or trading in rental shops usually prefer this aircon unit for cooling it. In this unit all the important parts of the aircon including evaporator coils, condensation coils and compressor are set in one enclosure installed on the bottom or side panel of the window of the shop or room.

Portable aircon system:

This aircon system also contains all of its cooling components within its unit, like window aircon. But it can be taken away wherever you want unlike window aircon. The heat exhausted by it will have to be discharged out of the room or shop through a hose.

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2,3,4,5 aircon system:

The compressor of the aircon systems if this type can run 2, 3, 4 or 5 fan coil units at a time to cool different areas in your shop in Singapore. If you opt for 2-air conditioning system then it can run 2 FCU or fan coil units and 3-air conditioning system can run 3 FCU and so on.

Central air conditioning or ducted air-con system:

Ducted aircon systems also known as central air conditioning systems are normally set up in shopping malls and large commercial buildings and offices in Singapore. Central air conditioning system has two advantages than any other air conditioning system. Its installation is cost effective and its operation is easier. It is easy and inexpensive to run the ducts of central air conditioning unit in each shop of the shopping centre than installing separate aircon unit in them. So after selecting a suitable aircon system for your shop in the shopping mall in Singapore you will have to approach a professional air conditioning service provider company or individual to set it up according to the temperature needs of your individual shop or entire mall.

Setting aircon system in shopping mall

In order to provide comfortable environment for pleasant shopping experience in a shopping mall the professional aircon service provider you choose will first of all design the module of air conditioning system. In fact, shopping centres contain larger floor areas where large numbers of people enter and exit frequently. So while designing its aircon system and air ventilation system the service provider will have to consider various factors including health, comfortable feeling, energy saving and automatic management of the unit.

The energy saving module of the aircon system of a mall fulfil all these requirements at a time if an intelligent control system is installed in it. it is assumed that after the activation of the module the air conditioning system evaluates the path of saving energy between the existing condition of the environment and automatically controlled real time comfort sensation and environmental conditions including humidity, temperature and concentration of CO2 along with the operational information of AHU like temperature sensing value, value of chiller flow and temperature setting to be sure about the optimum coolness in the shopping mall every time.

Thus by setting up the right type of aircon system in a shopping mall in Singapore the professional service provider can improve the environmental condition which can be beneficial for both, the shoppers as well as the shop owners.

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