How To Service Your Aircon For The Coming New Year?

Singapore is a humid place and if you do not have an aircon in your home, then you can find it really hard to have a comfortable time in your home. An air-conditioner not only gives you cool and comfortable air, but it also purifies the air inside your room. That means it help you and your family to have a better health along with comfort. But you can get the best outcome with an aircon only if you will give importance to regular aircon service. If you will miss the aircon service then you may not get the expected outcome with it. To have the better efficiency with your aircon, you can make schedule of its cleaning and servicing time along with your regular cleaning work.

Service Air Con

That also means, if you are doing New Year cleaning in your house, then you shall do the aircon service as well. But if you are not sure how to service your aircon for the coming New Year, then following are few tips that can help you with it.

Clean the filter of aircon:

It does not matter what kind of aircon you have in your home, it will purify the air for you in your room. For giving you clean and filtered air, this machine takes the outside air, capture all the minute particles, dirt or dust in its filter and gives you clean air. Because of this filter get a lot of dust and dirt in it on regular interval. When you do your aircon service for the New Year, then it is advised that you do the cleaning of your aircon filter. This deposition of dust and dirt in the filter not only affects the freshness of air, but t affects the performance of your aircon as well. That is why it is strongly recommended that when you do aircon service for new year, then you pay minute attention on the cleaning of aircon filter. When you will remove all the clogging of dust and dirt then your aircon will start giving you better performance and it will also help you have fresh air with minimum sound in it.

Do the cleaning of compressor:

Many people do not know this fact, but compressor is the biggest and probably the most delicate part of any air-conditioning unit. In a normal situation you can do only external cleaning of compressor in your aircon and you shall leave the internal cleaning part to experts. In fact, experts also do only external cleaning of the compressor until it does not have any complication in it. Along with external cleaning sometime they do other work as well in it that include lubrication of motor in compressor. For this work, it is a wise idea that you take the help of some expert that knows all the things about aircon service to get the optimum result in it.

Servicing Aircon For New Year

Check if you have any leaks in it:

Checking the leaks is another important thing that you can do for your aircon service. If you notice your aircon is not performing well and you are done with the cleaning of filters, then it is possible your aircon is leaking coolants from it. If you will have any kind of leakage in the coolant then it will certainly affect the performance of your aircon. According to experts 20% of coolant loss can increase 40% load on your aircon and it can reduce 40% of its performance. Also, it will cause significant increase in the electricity bill which is another drawback of the coolant leaks in aircon system. Hence, when you do the aircon service in your home for new year, then you should pay attention on the laks as well and if you notice any kind of gas leaks in it, then you shall get rid of that without any delay. Also, you should top up the coolant in it so you can get the optimum performance with it in the best possible manner.

Check the sealing of your aircon:

While installing the aircon, they will put a rubber seal between your air conditioner and window. Initially you do not get any kind of complication in it, but over a period of time this seal get damaged due to environmental condition or just because of its age. In this case, your aircon start loosing compressed air and you notice lack of performance in it. When you do you aircon service for New Year, then it is essential that you take the help of expert to identify and solve the error. Ideally, it will not take a lot of time or efforts form your side and you can get better result easily. And when you will fix the seal then you will be able to have a better comfort with your aircon in much better and easy way.

Take the help of expert:

This is the most important thing that you need to remember for your aircon service. You can always do few things in your aircon by yourself, but many things are there that can be done only by professional. If you want to have only the best outcome with your aircon service, then it is essential that you get some expert for this. When you will contact the expert then he will not only check the issues that I shared above with you, but he will also cross check and verify other errors in it. If he will notice any problem in your aircon, then he will do the needful to get rid of those problems and you will be able to have better performance with it in easy ways.

In addition to all these things, it is also important that you do the cleaning of your aircon tray that collects the water. That tray may have old fungi and water in it that can cause a bad smell in your home. By cleaning that tray you will be able to have really good result in easy way and you will be able to do your aircon service properly for the New Year.

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