How To Service Panasonic Window Air Conditioner?

Panasonic window air conditioners tend to be fairly reliable. They have a rugged design, which ensures that they continue operating reliably for many years to come. The window air conditioners that Panasonic manufactures tend to be resistant to detrimental external conditions like impacts and/or vibrations that are often received during transportation. Panasonic’s window air conditioners are so compact and sleek that their presence is often barely noticed, but their presence becomes known from the comfort they offer. To this day, the window air conditioners from Panasonic are of the highest quality. However, that does not mean that a Panasonic window air conditioner will not require regular servicing from time to time.


Your Panasonic window air conditioner is surely a convenient and efficient household appliance that makes it possible for you to keep a certain room in your home cool. However, you can avoid spending money on repairs, improve its efficiency and reduce the amount of energy it consumes if you keep your Panasonic window air conditioner properly maintained. If you agree with this but are determined to service your Panasonic window air conditioner yourself, whenever it needs servicing, make sure you go through its owner’s manual first. If you are not sure how to service your Panasonic window air conditioner, you could follow the steps below.

1. Keep its air filter clean on a monthly basis

As far as most Panasonic window air conditioners are concerned, you should be able to easily remove the front panel in order to access the air filter. Once the filter has been removed, it should be cleaned gently using warm water that contains some dish soap. The filter should only be reinstalled once it has air dried completely. You should clean your Panasonic window air conditioner’s air filter monthly during the period you are using it. It should be cleaned more frequently if you have pets or suffer from allergies. You should replace the air filter if it is damaged, such as having holes or tears. For Panasonic window air conditioners that have a foam filter, electrostatic filter material can be purchased to replace the filter by cutting it to the right size.

2. Check if there are any nests inside

Bees and/or wasps may have made nests inside your Panasonic window air conditioner if you never covered it during winter when it was not in use. During off season, air conditioner should be stored in a safe area like a basement or a utility room. An air conditioner cover can also be used if the air conditioner is installed in a window.

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3. The condenser coils should be cleaned every season

Over the years, a build up of dirt and dust may have occurred inside the condenser coils of your Panasonic window air conditioner. If this is the case, your air conditioner is probably working harder in order to expel heat and this is likely the reason you are paying heft electric bills every month, because this might be causing your AC to consume significantly more energy. Every season during which an air conditioner is to be used, the condenser coils should be cleaned. The coils cannot be accessed unless the entire air conditioner cabinet is removed. Either compressed air can be used to clean them or the dirt can be wiped off by using a soft brittle brush along with household cleaner, which will have to be simultaneously sprayed onto them. The dirt should be removed carefully. Aluminium coil fins that have accidentally become bent or dented can be straightened using a fin comb. The bottom of your Panasonic window air conditioner may also have a build up of dirt or lint that will have to be removed so that the condensing fan blade slinger can effectively pick up the condensate water.

4. The water pan will also have to be cleaned

If you have often noticed a musty odor in the air after you used your air conditioner for quite some time, it is probably because mold may have grown in its water pan. Whenever the condenser coils are cleaned, the inside base of the air conditioner should also be cleaned using dish detergent.

5. A build of frost or ice may have to be removed from the cooling coils

Your Panasonic window air conditioner may not function properly if its temperature is too low, which can be a result of a build up of frost or ice on the cooling coils. When this happens, the temperature around the air conditioner where it is installed will be far too low, probably lower than 60 degrees F or 15 degrees C. The outside temperature near the air conditioner should be higher than that for you to be able to use your air conditioner and for it to function effectively.

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6. Even the remote control should be checked

The batteries in the remote control of your air conditioner may also have to be replaced. If the remote control is still not functioning even after the batteries have been replaced, a new remote control will have to be purchased, but make sure it is the right one.

7. An air conditioner should be stored in an appropriate location

Drafts are generally a result when window air conditioners are not stored elsewhere even during winter when they are not being used. Drafts can also add your monthly electricity bill. The best thing you can is store your Panasonic air conditioner in your attic or basement, or any similar room. However, do not store in your garage because insects may build their nests inside it and small animals may take refuge inside it. They may even cause costly damage to your air conditioner. Once again, an air conditioner cover can be used if the air conditioner is to be kept mounted even during off-season because the cover will keep it safe from weather damage.


While there is nothing wrong with you servicing your Panasonic air conditioner yourself, on your own, but you may or may not be able to do it properly. You likely also do not have the required equipment and experience for such routine maintenance. Above all, if you feel that you do not have the energy nor time to do all of the above, it may be wise to hire a professional for air conditioner service at least once during every season before you actually use it.

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