How To Fix Aircon That Freezes Up?

Air conditioner is an important device that you should have in your property. There are some common problems that may happen with your aircon unit. In some cases, your aircon may freeze up for some reasons, such as dirty air filter, damage thermostat system, incorrect settings, and some other factors. You should not worry when your aircon freezes. You should keep reading this article to find some useful tips for you who have this problem. This situation should be solved immediately, otherwise your aircon unit is going to break down.

How To Fix Aircon That Freezes Up?

Here are some easy ways that you can do to solve this problem.

1. Turn off your air conditioner

This is the most important step that you have to do. It is important that you turn off your air conditioner immediately. By doing so, you are able to prevent the ice accumulation inside your aircon unit. Some units may have defrost procedure that can melt ice quickly. Do not forget to unplug your unit from electrical outlet. This tip is very important to avoid electric shock that can be caused by this electricity current. Do not forget to press "turn off" button on your remote control to stop your air conditioner.

2. Open the outdoor unit

If your aircon has outdoor unit, you may want to check this unit. It is important that you open the access panel that is located on the outdoor unit. You can fins some ice on the coil. You can start scraping the ice from the coil around your outdoor unit. You should not use sharp object because it may cause another damage on your aircon unit. Try to remove some dirt and other impurities from your outdoor unit. Vacuum cleaner can be used to remove some dusts from this outdoor unit. If you want to melt the ice quickly, you may want to use blow dryer.

3. Clean the filter

Dirty filter can be another common factor that can cause freezing problem in your air conditioner. Therefore, you should open the access panel located on your aircon unit. Then, you can start removing the air filter. You should remove some debris or dirt from your air filter. Dirty air filters can block the cool air from coming out to your house. As the result, this cool air is going to reduce the temperature significantly. This situation may cause you to have some freezing problems with your aircon unit. After removing these impurities, you should be able to solve freezing problem that may happen in your air conditioners.

4. Check the fan on your outdoor unit

This is another easy way that you should do to solve this freezing problem. In some cases, you may see the ice accumulation on the fan. Try to melt down this ice by using blow dryer. Ice accumulation can cause the temperature of your aircon unit to drop significantly. Melting the ice from this fan can be difficult for some people. Therefore, they need to open the whole access panel of their air conditioners. By doing so, they are able to clean the fan from all debris or other impurities effectively.

5. Fix the thermostat setting

There are many cases where you have improper thermostat setting. If your thermostat system cannot work properly, you may have some freezing problems in your air conditioners. Some thermostats can work with batteries. Therefore, you should check the batteries on your thermostat system. Do not forget to clean this device from all impurities. Make sure that your thermostat can work properly. This system is very useful to control and manage the temperature of your air conditioner. Without having proper thermostat setting, your aircon unit can develop ice formation in its unit.

After reading this article, you should be able to fix your aircon units quickly. You should know the best way to fix your aircon unit that freezes up. This freezing problem should be solved immediately. If you are not able to fix this problem by your own, you should call some professional technicians. There are some technicians who are ready to help you solve your aircon problem, including this freezing situation. They usually have some special equipment that can be used to melt the ice quickly and effectively. It is important to hire professional technicians who have a lot of experience with this situation.
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