How To Dismantle Panasonic Aircon?

Panasonic air conditioners are one of the most popular brands of air-conditioners in Singapore today. If you take a look around, you will be able to spot a few Panasonic air-conditioners everywhere. An air-conditioner is almost a necessity in the hot and humid climate of Singapore. However, one also needs to take care of cleaning the air conditioner at appropriate time so that the family always remains safe and healthy.

How To Dismantle Panasonic Aircon?

Some people are not aware of the fact that if an air-conditioner is not cleaned at regular intervals, it can lead to development of certain bacteria and other harmful insects and these bacteria can then further lead to various infections or other illnesses in the person breathing in that infected air.

As mentioned above, Panasonic is one of the popular brands and cleaning a Panasonic Aircon is not an easy job especially when one tries to do it without taking the help of professional air-conditioner cleaning services. One can, however, keep cleaning the air conditioner on a regular basis so that a onetime cleaning can be done by the professional service provider easily.

For cleaning the Panasonic Aircon, you will need to first dismantle the Panasonic air-conditioner. Dismantling the Panasonic air-conditioner is going to be a bit tough as it will require more than a person to effectively dismantle it. Also, dismantling is only recommended if you have a Windows air-conditioner. For a split air-conditioner, it is better that you only clean the unit in the room and let the outside motor remain as it is.

We provide below step-by-step instructions to dismantle the Panasonic Aircon.

Switch off the Power

First of all, you need to make sure that the power to the air conditioning unit is switched off. It is important to disconnect the power off the main switch just to be extra sure. Never take the risk of touching or dismantling the air conditioning unit when it is still plugged in.

Separating the Outer and Inner Part

Once the power is switched off, it is now time to separate or disconnect the inner and the outer parts of the air-conditioner. If you notice carefully, you will find a copper pipe connecting the outer part to the inner part. You need to take care of this copper pipe carefully as it can be easily bent with little force. It is important to note that dismantling cannot be done without separating the inner and the outer part.

Remove the Inner Part First

To remove the inner part of the air-conditioner, you will need to remove the screws in the inner part. Take care of the wires inside while removing the screws as the wires can be cut accidentally while unscrewing. Once all the screws are gone, remove the unit carefully from the wall.

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Remove the Important Parts

Now that the unit is off the wall, you can safely remove the other important parts of the air conditioning unit. You may find some wires and screw which can be used later. Keep them at a place where you can easily locate them later.

Remove the Outer Part

Once the inner part of the air conditioner has been taken care of, it is now time to remove the outer frame. The outer frame can be removed in a similar way to the inner frame. You will need to remove all the screws first and then carefully remove the outer part.

Remove the Refrigerant

Once you have completely dismantled the air-conditioner, it is now time to remove the refrigerant units. They refrigerant units are responsible for the cooling than by the air-conditioner. It is important to completely empty the refrigerant container to prevent any spillages while dismantling.

Put It Back on

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the air-conditioner and taken care of any other problem with the unit, it is time to put it back. The process of putting it back together is similar to dismantling. You just need to do it in the reverse order.

This is how you dismantle a Panasonic Aircon completely. As mentioned above, it is always advisable to use the services of a professional aircon installers or cleaners in Singapore who have the required tools for installation as well as dismantling of the various air-conditioner models. Making use of professionals will ensure that there is harm done to the unit while dismantling and the servicing company can also replace any faulty part in the aircon easily.

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