How Frequent Should Centralized Aircon Be Cleaned?

Air conditioner is one of the utility appliances owned by most people in Singapore. There are different types of air conditioners mainly distinguished into centralized and single piece. A centralized aircon simply refers to those that are installed at one place to serve different rooms as opposed to installing one for each room. These aircon's are often installed in an area outside the house or in a separate building mainly because of their noise. They require regular maintenance just like any other HVAC system. Maintenance includes cleaning and changing of some removable features such as filters as well as checking for any damages to tackle them in earlier stages.

How Frequent Should Centralized Aircon Be Cleaned?

When to clean centralized aircon's

Maintaining a centralized aircon can be divided into two parts. One involves general frequent cleaning of the system which can be done by owners while the other part requires the help of a professional. It may include comprehensive vacuuming and duct cleaning which is only achievable using certain specific equipment and procedures. Centralized aircon systems are usually more complex when compared to single room appliances since the air is supplied through various channels to reach the multiple rooms.

Depending on the number of suites your aircon unit is serving, calling a professional once a month for frequent inspections is highly advised. These appliances use gas or fuel and regular checks are therefore important to ensure the components are at optimum working conditions. The experts should be contacted to perform tasks such as changing filters, flushing and cleaning coils, clearing the pan and entire drainage system as well as vacuuming. Vacuuming clears the blower compartments to remove any accumulated trapped dirt. During these schedules, the professional contractor should also perform checks to ensure there are no leaks. The system should be properly charging with all mechanical components in proper working conditions.

There are some cleaning procedures which owners can also perform. In-house compartment filters can be easily checked for dirt and replaced. You should check whether the debris and dust has completely coated the filter and immediately replace them. Weather changes are also quite important to observe. During warm days when there is a lot of sunlight, dust and debris will be at the highest level and frequent checks should be done.

Keen attention should be given to any noticeable change in sound, air quality and overall functionality. Cold seasons can also result in mechanical problems if adequate checks and repairs are not made in preparation to the drop in temperature. You should contract professional services to ensure the ductwork is fully insulated. This is because leaks and un-insulated ducts can cause up to 40% energy loss. Any vegetation should be kept at least 2 feet away from the AC unit.

How Frequent Should Centralized Aircon Be Cleaned?

Cleaning activities

There are specific areas you should be cleaning during the inspection and maintenance process. Grills and filters should be cleaned monthly and changed as required (filters). The condenser coils should be cleared of any dirt or grit that may have accumulated. You should also check the pipes that drain condensed water from the in-room units to ensure there are no blockages. It is always important to establish a lasting relationship with one contractor to enjoy discounted rates on replacements and regular checkups.

When cleaning a centralized aircon, check the two main components; central cooling and central heating. Areas to be checked include the split system (outdoor cabinet, compressor, condenser coil and indoor evaporator), heating appliance (furnace components and exhaust). Apart from regular cleaning, you should pay attention to specific unique occurrences such as heavy storms and strong winds. When the air conditioner does not function as expected, you should consult your contractor for necessary checks. Warning signs such as unfamiliar noises, polluted air and inconsistent temperature should all call your attention to inspection and cleaning.


Cleaning your central air conditioner system is paramount to maintaining clean air and increasing the unit’s longevity. Normally, the contractor will establish a favourable program that will allow timely checks and inspections. These visits involve comprehensive cleaning and will include repairs if necessary. It is important to ensure your contractor performs the complete inspection. The blower, motor, drainage, coils, pressure and temperature, supply and return lines connections and refrigerant levels should all be checked. It is important to choose qualified, experienced and licensed service providers to take care of your air conditioner cleaning.

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