What Causes Clicking Sound In Your Aircon

Air conditioners are a common investment in Singapore households and even offices. The truth is, owning an air conditioner can be fun and traumatizing at the same time. Especially when peculiar noises start emanating from the unit. Some of these noises should not ignite worry in you. 


However a clicking sound is a clear indication that something is not working right. Unfortunately, it may not only be a single issue, several things can be wrong. For instance the aircon electrical components may require repair.

Most simple aircon maintenance would not require the attention of a licensed technician. A clicking sound however would, especially if you do not understand what is actually triggering it. It is therefore important for air conditioner owners to know what the implications of a clicking sound are. Armed with adequate knowledge you will know when to raise an alarm or not.

Causes of air conditioner clicking sound

Loose fan

A clicking sound is a sign of some loose component in your AC. One of which might be the aircon fan. The fan is responsible for making sure the air being circulated in the room is cool. If the fan is loose, the clicking sound will be heard whenever you turn the unit on or off. After prolonged use, the rods of the fan may loosen because of wear and tear. On the other hand it could be loose due to lack of maintenance. Another reason that could make the fan not function properly would be a problem with the fan motor. Problems with the motor can be serious to an extent that a replacement may be necessary. For example if the fan blade does not spin freely, there is no other way out other than to replace it. Due to the mentioned reasons the unit will produce a clicking sound when you are powering it on or slowing it down. It is important that you check and ascertain that this noise is coming from the fan. 

Air Conditioner

The fan is located in front of the coils and can be accessed by simply removing the outer covering of the AC.

A faulty relay switch 

Another reason that can cause your AC to produce a clicking noise when starting or stopping could be a faulty relay switch. Air conditioners rely on relay to either put on or off the unit’s high voltage components. So if you check and find out nothing is wrong with the fan, then it could probably be the relay switch. If a relay will need to be changed then the new one must match the old one.

A faulty control board

If the control board is not working properly, the air conditioner will not even turn on. Instead it will be producing a constant clicking sound. This clicking sound normally comes in intervals of a few seconds. That steady sound is a sign of a very serious problem that requires immediate attention. Contact an air conditioner repair company as soon as possible. Attempting to do it on your own can completely damage your entire unit.

Malfunctioning thermostat

The thermostat controls and measures the temperature in the room by switching off or heating the unit as is required. This very vital component of your air conditioner might also be the reason you are hearing the clicking sound. If your system runs and stops at certain times, then there could be an issue with the thermostat. Thermostats become worn out and the wires loosen after some time. This implies that the thermostats functionality will be reduced. As a result your air conditioner will be working so hard to keep up with the slow pace of the thermostat. Another serious issue with the thermostat could be that it has blown. A thermostat unlike the control board or fan motor can easily be fixed by the owner at home. On the other hand calling in an expert is not a bad idea, especially if the thermostat has blown. This is because an expert will go further than just fixing the faulty thermostat. Either way a blown thermostat cannot be fixed through the DO it yourself (DIY) approach. The thermostat just like the fan also needs regular maintenance. 

Clicking Aircon Sound

Issues with the compressor

The compressor is key to your air conditioner’s cooling cycle. The compressor lets in cool low pressure gas from the room. It then firmly presses the refrigerant thereby increasing its temperature and pressure and turning it into a hot high pressure gas. Any noise from the air conditioner compressor should really get you worried. Ticking, clicking or shuddering sounds are pointers that there is a problem with the compressor. It could mean that the compressor simply requires a small adjustment, serious repairs or complete replacement. If the compressor only requires a little tune up, then realigning and repositioning will help. Just like with the thermostat and the fan, never take problems with the compressor lightly. Such problems if not looked into carefully can lead to a permanent breakdown of your system. 


Before you embark on diagnosing what the problem with your AC might be, make sure you switch off the power supply to the system. 


Other causes of aircon clicking sound include a loose bolt, or motor mount. Just as you rely on your air conditioner system to give you comfort in your office or home. You should likewise give it the treatment it deserves by offering regular maintenance. Most of these problems that eventually lead to a clicking sound can be averted by regularly maintaining your aircon.

Other sounds that can stem out of an AC unit include tweeting, chirping, rattling and squealing. Most of these sounds may not signify a serious problem with the system as compared to a clicking sound. This only means that a clicking sound should never be taken for granted. Also important when handling clicking sounds is to ensure you work with a professional. A qualified technician will determine whether your unit can be repaired or you actually need a new one.


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