Can Aircon Copper Piping Be Reused?

Unlike in the past, copper pipes that were disposed off when replacing air conditioners can now be used. This new development can be attributed to the technology, which has been incorporated in cleaning pipes. However, it is important to note that this technology is limited to a few models. In addition, air conditioners that do not incorporate the new pipe cleaning technology can also have their copper pipes reused on them. However, this will largely depend on how much contaminant is found on the pipes.

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Copper pipe reusing in air conditioners

There are different aircon models available. Additionally, each model is built using different technology. This explains why you might require seeking the services of an expert who will guide you on the dos and don’ts. The piping system in an air conditioner is very crucial since the pipes are responsible for carrying the fresh air. However, it is important to bear in mind that pipes are also subject to wear and tear.

The decision on whether to re-use a copper pipe on your air conditioner will depend on a couple of factors which include the following:

• Extent of damage. If the damage on the pipes is too much, you will have to replace the pipes since they would not function properly. However, if the damage is not too much, the pipes could be cleaned and re-used. Some of the damages that call for pipe replacement includes: a leaking pipe.

• Technology used. Different models have been built using different technology. Some air conditioners might support pipe reusing while others may not.

• Size and length of the pipe. Copper pipes come in different lengths and sizes. Pipes with larger sizes and lengths will call for replacement since they will be more difficult to clean. In addition, such pipes are more prone to contamination compared to small sized pipes.

How does the copper reusing technology work?

Copper reusing is all about cleaning the copper pipes in the air conditioner. This is a move bent at ensuring that no contaminants are left in the pipe. There are numerous ways through which the pipes can be cleaned. However, the new method has proven to be reliable since it does not leave any contaminants on the pipe. Under the new technology, a 2-phase gas-liquid refrigerant was introduced. The new refrigerant cleans leftover refrigerant oil that is contained in the air conditioners piping. This ensures the copper pipes are remarkably clean and free of contaminants.

Advantages of copper reusing

With the new cleaning refrigerant, you do not have to worry about breathing in contaminated air. As a matter of fact, the new refrigerant leaves the pipes as good as new. Some of the benefits enjoyed from reusing your copper pipes are:
• Saves time and money. If you were to replace all the copper pipes in your air conditioner, you would have to spend much more compared to using the refrigerant. Besides replacement costs, a lot of money would be spent when hiring labor. More to that; a lot of time would be wasted when replacing the pipes.

• Reduces wastage. Replacing the entire piping system in your air conditioner means that you will also have to remove pipes that are not affected. However, with the new cleaning refrigerant; you do not have to change anything since even the most affected pipe will get cleaned. The new refrigerant ensures that you do not have to call an expert to inspect your air conditioner as it will always be in good shape.

• Easy to use. In order to use the cleaning refrigerant, you do not have to seek the services of an expert. However, you may decide to take precautionary measures and seek the services of an expert at a pocket friendly fee.


Re-using copper pipes might seem a good way to save on money and time. However, it is important to seek the consent of your aircon company. The experts will use their knowledge to make an informed decision on which move to make. Additionally, it is important to upgrade to a newer model that allows you to reuse the copper pipes without much work. This will ensure that your air conditioner is always in perfect condition. Now you know what to do the next time you want to save on pipe replacement costs.

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