6 Biggest Lies On Aircon Servicing

Air conditioners are mechanical and electrical components that require servicing from time to time. These equipments are very important to have within any building since they regulate indoor air quality and thermal properties. There are many businesses that offer aircon servicing in the market and finding one should not be overwhelming. However, all companies market their services as the best and there are many lies surrounding their promotional messages. It is obvious that only a few companies have the actual capacity to provide reputable high quality services. Here are 6 of the biggest lies on the servicing of air conditioning and you must always be on the watch not to fall victim to such lies.


1. AC coolant recharge/refill charge

Aircon servicing technicians will often refer to coolant refill of recharge as a solution for ACs that provide extremely warm air. These technicians will perform all the regular system survey and positively determine that the coolant refrigerator “Freon” requires a re-fill since it run out. The coolant is often used in ACs to facilitate cooling by turning into gas as a way of taking up heat away from the air and turning back to liquid when the temperatures drop. The cycle does not result in any loss of the liquid and the only time you will ever need a refill is when the system is leaking. However, most technicians will add the cost of refilling coolant and unknowing clients will end up paying for this unnecessary extra charge.

2. Non-existent problems

This is another big lie that aircon servicing technicians often impose on homeowners. Simple breakdowns like a broken wire that shuts your AC down should not cost anything above $200. However, technicians will quickly mention additional problems, like in the case where a hidden camera was used to set up technicians for a faux AC breakdown. The technicians quickly repaired the easy-to-fix problem and then proceeded to mention many other AC related defects including leakages and damaged condensation chambers. Homeowners have little to no knowledge of the aircon system and will most certainly believe any deductions made by experienced professionals. Most of the time, these technicians add other problems in their surveys and quotes to push the client into believing they made the right choice to contract repair just in time. It is therefore important to do some research on the cause of damage and contract a couple of technicians for different views before making the final decision.

Aircon Servicing

3. Unnecessary replacements

Air conditioner servicing professionals are obviously linked to various manufacturers of AC parts if they are not actual retailers themselves. They will therefore try to promote select parts and components for their affiliates of businesses as part of their sales strategies. A number of times do home owners pay for unnecessary replacement parts. These technicians will make you believe the existing component will soon fail and cause a devastating problem that will be much costlier to repair compared to the price of buying and installing a new one. There are many cases where clients have purchased new expensive AC parts as a replacement for components that have many months before degrading to breakdown status. In order to elude such lies, clients must learn to research the components that constitute an AC and types of damages that can happen to them. This will help to determine exactly what may have caused the supposedly near-breakdown part and how long it takes to get to that condition.

4. The lowest bidder disguise

Every homeowner with an AC unit that has broken down will be looking to cut down costs in whichever way possible and all servicing contractors know it. This is why many businesses market themselves as the lowest bidder with competitive prices and unparalleled affordability. However, their low quotes and proclaimed cheap prices mask the biggest lies in terms of service provision and client trust. While the actual service-against-service may depict affordability, technicians will seldom miss an opportunity to include more servicing areas and issues that raising the budget. For this reason, clients are often advised not to make their decisions based on price alone but rather the reputation and credibility of that particular technician.

Lies On Aircon Servicing

5. You only need to find testimonials and previous clients

There is no doubt that testimonials and previous clients provide the best source of information that can be used to gauge aircon servicing technicians. Nonetheless, it has become a common trend for businesses to include false testimonials and remove negative comments from their profiles. It is advisable to look through comments and opinions of previous clients. However, this should not be the only consideration element used when selecting servicing technicians. Rather, a comprehensive path including referrals from friends and family, overall market reputation, level of customer service and years of business experience must all be discussed prior to selecting the final technician. The best way is choosing professionals who offer service quality guarantee and work for non-profit organizations.

6. Problem is always with the AC unit

Many clients believe technicians when they profess a faulty AC unit all the time they are contracted. Of course problems with air conditioning are most likely as a result of defects in the entire unit. However, not all the times have AC units made the prime reason for undesirable cooling patterns. Other instances are caused by various external factors, including wrong mathematics during installation, crevices in the roof and walls as well as issues with power supply among others. Nonetheless, servicing technicians will be quick to list a couple of defects after conducting an inconclusive survey for what they already know is not a problem with the AC unit. While air conditioners may break down from time to time, regular maintenance should be able to prevent a number of issues and most of them are easy-to-fix.


It is advisable to contract experienced professionals for installation to prevent damages over the next few months of use. The contractors should also provide a maintenance plan which further cuts down on servicing expenses that are unnecessary. There are many other lies involved in aircon servicing although the above mentioned 6 lies are the biggest. Clients must always be on the watch for technicians whose main aim is to inflate AC defects by creating non-existent issues and prompting homeowners to purchase components that are otherwise not needed at the time.

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