Aircon Overhaul VS Aircon Chemical Wash

Singapore experiences a warm and humid climate throughout the year and installing an air conditioner is the best way to maintain clean and fresh air in your home or office. A good aircon system ensures that the air circulates well in the room and offers optimal comfort for those present there. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioning unit ensures utmost performance efficiency and longevity. Aircon overhaul and aircon chemical wash are two methods of cleaning systems implemented by aircon servicing companies to restore your aircon to proper, safer and more efficient functioning. Let us discuss in detail about the two cleaning systems.

Aircon Overhaul VS Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon overhaul: 

An aircon overhaul is one of the preventative services. Here the entire aircon equipment is dismantled and the components are thoroughly inspected for any signs of abnormalities. Here the parts are cleaned and replaced if found faulty. This eliminates the causes of deterioration resulting from aging and restores the aircon to an excellent working condition. An aircon overhaul is recommended at least once in a year.

When is an aircon overhaul undertaken?

It is time that you hire the services of a professional aircon service company to perform a complete aircon overhaul if your aircon is not cooling properly, produces noise or if the air that it circulates smells foul. An overhaul is also needed in the following cases:

1. When the dust particles accumulate in the vents and hinder free flow of air.

2. To eliminate dust particles that is accumulated in the fan blades.

3. To replace corroded and rusted components.

4. To clear blockage in a drain pipe that impedes optimal performance of the unit.

5. To replace worn out and faulty bearings to eliminate operational noise.

Benefits of aircon overhaul:

1. Aircon overhaul restores clean and cool air.

2. A complete overhaul extends the aircon’s service life and assures years of trouble-free operation

3. It eliminates premature replacement of expensive parts of the unit.

Aircon chemical overhaul is a process of thoroughly cleaning and reconditioning an air conditioning unit by incorporating the use of special chemicals. Here also the technicians dismantle the aircon and clean the air filters, fan bearing and water tray with a chemical solution. The heat exchanging coils and the blower wheels are also washed with the chemical agent. Similarly the drainage system is also flushed with the chemical solution.

When is an aircon chemical wash preferred?

1. This method of cleaning is highly suitable for air conditioners which lack regular maintenance. 

2. This is also preferred when the aircon is severely choked with dust and grime and cannot be removed by normal servicing.

Benefits of aircon chemical wash:

1. They reduce wear and tear from corrosion.

2. It ensures that there is sufficient refrigerant in the aircon unit.

3. This type of cleaning is designed to eliminate mold and other harmful bacteria.

4. A chemical overhaul also checks the thermostats and the controls of the aircon unit.

5. A chemically overhauled aircon unit consumes less energy and consequently assures considerable savings on your energy bills.


Regular service is very important to maintain your aircon unit and to ensure that it performs at the maximum potential. Yes, solving a potential aircon problem at its roots assures you the peace of mind and saves you from the trouble of costly breakdowns and repairs. 
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