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There is a growing need for aircon service in Singapore, as clients understand that maintaining and cleaning their air conditioners will assist them in the long run. We provide you with the most credible and dependable aircon servicing. Our professional technicians give you a wide range of services which can be customised in based on your needs. We provide airconditioner service promotions and aircon service contracts that are fully tailored to meet your needs. With us, you can be assured that you'll get the best service choices and knowledge of maintaining your air conditioner systems.

Air Conditioner

You have to understand that just like your car requires regular wash and maintenance, so is the case with your air-conditioner. An aircon is a machine that requires being serviced.

One of the ideal ways of making your aircon works like a brand-new machine is by servicing it. Why pay the electricity bills when the aircon isn't cool enough. All you have to do is to repair and service your aircon to solve the challenge.

The unit coils have to be cleaned, adjustments of belts, lubricating your fan motors, scrutinizing your compressor. Now, these are just the basic parts which should be repaired and cleaned so that the air conditioner works properly.

We provide breathable air to our customers. We understand the importance of offering a great after sales service. Now, with our competitive pricing and affordable repair services, we offer cleaning, servicing, contract maintenance as well as troubleshooting different mechanical faults.

Here are some services we offer:

Diagnosis of aircon issues
Repair and installation of air conditioner services
Purchase of second-hand aircon and installation
Aircon Gas Top Up
Annual maintenance contract

The aircon unit needs aircon gas for it to function in the right manner. You might particularly need to top-up your airconditioner gas if the tubing system is damaged as well as causes the refrigerant to leak. When should you call our professional to top up airconditioner gas?

When your Aircon Runs Continuously

Your aircon is needed to run for a short time and stop after the room has cooled to your required temperature. But, if the air conditioner runs on a continuous basis, then it needs to be serviced. This problem could be caused by the malfunctioning of temperature and needs quick replacement and servicing.

Air Conditioner

Noisy Aircon

Now, as you utilize an aircon, you'll find that the parts are worn out that result in a lot of noise. With top quality replenishment of aircon gas and servicing, you'll get the ideal results.

Drop in Its Cooling Performance

By the time you find that the aircon takes a long period of time to cool the room, call us. With an air conditioner gas top up, the system will return to its cooling ability.

Frequently Switches On and Off

Now, a newly installed aircon will turn on and off after a while. However, if the aircon switches on and off on regularly, you need gas filling of your aircon to restore it to its normal condition.

Chemical Cleaning of Your Aircon

If the air conditioner isn't cooling the rooms the way it was doing a few years ago, then it can be because of the dirt which has accumulated some time. This dirt permeates into your aircon and results in malfunctioning. Now, it's one the most effective ways to solve your aircon issues. Our chemical cleaning service includes:

Reinstallation of your units
A thorough indoor units cleaning and its parts
Topping up of your refrigerant

During this process of chemical cleaning, our technicians are going to dismantle your unit and clean every part using a chemical reagent. It will include cleaning of the aircon's evaporator coils, cleaner, and the condenser. Then, these parts are immersed in a certain chemical solution to help dissolve any accumulated form of dirt. Apart from this, the drainages and pipes are also flushed using a chemical solution. We strongly recommend airconditioner chemical wash to enhance the condition of the old units.

Air conditioner Chemical Wash

An effective aircon's chemical wash removes debris, dirt, and dust from your units. Therefore, your commercial establishment or home will benefit from your cleaner system. Also, a fully functional unit will ensure that you get the perfect performance, with some maintenance calls while making sure a cool temperature. Now, a poorly maintained aircon can even circulate some harmful airborne agents, therefore resulting in respiratory challenges. Airconditioner chemical cleaning is going to safeguard your health as well as that of your loved ones and co-workers. Also, you will be able to free up your system passages, ducts, and vents thus leading to clean air. In addition to making sure you get an optimal functionality to the system, our professionals will as well clean the indoor units with precision.

Maintenance of Aircon in Singapore

Now, Do you really have to grapple with your jobs on a very hot day, without any comforts of an air conditioner? If your aircon need urgent repair work, then our experienced and talented technicians are here to assist you. We give the most affordable and optimal air conditioner services in Singapore. We truly understand that the aircon needs frequent maintenance because of its propensity to malfunction sometimes and we give our best services to meet your requirements. Our professionals ensure that your aircon offers great air circulation, low energy costs, and extended lifespan. In addition to aircon installation, we will also advise you on how best you can prevent breakdowns.

Air Conditioner

Aircon Service Scope

Vacuum drainage system
Brush blower wheel maintenance
Check evaporator coil
Remove and also wash aircon filters
Check for noise problems
Check deodorizing filter
Clear drain pipes
Check compressor suction
Check the working of your refrigerant system
Make sure all settings are accurate

Repair of Singapore's Aircon

While we're involved in servicing, installation, and repair, we go the extra mile to also recommend areas of your aircon improvement. We make sure that each part of the aircon is in the ideal working condition via our maintenance as well as quality service.

We really understand that breakdowns usually take place in units of aircon. With our experience and training, we solve the problems impacting your air conditioner, with fewer hassles. We will check the aircon in a systematic way as well as diagnose any issues. No matter what the aircon problem – whether it's leaking or if it needs a chemical wash or a service, we'll take care of your entire needs.

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I was recommended by my friend Vincent to do my aircon repair. I find them very professional in their work. The technicians are friendly and also efficient. I signed a yearly contract and i am very satisfied with their service. Keep up the good work.
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Specialising in all types Aircon Servicing, Air-con Repair, Air-con Chemical Wash & Air-con Installation

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Singapore Leading Air Conditioner Maintenance & Installation Specialists

Singapore Leading Air Conditioner Maintenance & Installation Specialists

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We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

We are specialists in Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Air-con Repair, Aircon Installation, Freon Gas Topup & Air-con Overhaul

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