7 Things to Take Note When Doing Aircon Chemical Overhaul 

Life without aircon could become unimaginable, especially if you are living in a hot place like Singapore. Aircon has become one of the most essential requirements of a home in Singapore because the mercury seems to be rising more and more every year. It is not enough to have a periodical maintenance of your aircon. You need to give it extra care at least once a year. One of the special treatments given to an aircon is chemical overhaul.

7 Things To Take Note When Doing Aircon Chemical Overhaul

What is chemical overhaul? 

It refers to the process of cleaning all parts of the air conditioner using appropriate chemical solutions. Chemical overhaul increases the efficiency and longevity of an aircon. It also prevents infections, allergies and breathing problems caused due to the germs released from the air from air conditioner. It gives a new and fresh look to your aircon. There are some important things to be considered for chemical overhaul. 

What are the 7 Things to Take Note When Doing Aircon Chemical Overhaul? 

1. Dismantling the aircon unit 
It is not possible to do a chemical overhaul without dismantling the aircon unit. Each and every part inside and outside the unit is thoroughly inspected and cleaned using the right chemicals. The first important thing to note is that the unit should be completely dismantled. If you are trying to dismantle the unit yourselves, make sure that you can reassemble it without any difficulty. Make sure that you do not misplace the screws removed and that you replace the right screws at the right place. 

2. Choosing the appropriate chemical solution 
Some people are hypersensitive. The chemicals used for chemical wash and overhaul can cause allergies. That is why the choice of the right chemicals is very important. They should not contain allergy causing components. If there are little kids and aged people who are at high risk of allergic reactions, organic cleaning solutions should be used. The chemicals used prevent the dirt and dust from getting accumulated and the germs from thriving inside the aircon. The chemicals used for different steps in a chemical overhaul may vary. The right amount of chemical should be used. 

3.  Greasing bearings 
Chemical overhaul includes greasing or lubricating of bearings in the aircon fan. When the bearings are not greased, the aircon unit may run with loud noise and unusual vibration. It is important to apply the right quantity of grease. There is no effect if the bearings are under -greased. If they are over-greased, it can result in dripping of grease from the unit. 

4. Chemical cleaning of blades, wheel and blower
The blades and blower should be first cleaned using the appropriate chemicals. Chemicals left in the blowers, blade and the wheel can cause corrosion. To avoid the important parts from getting corroded, the chemicals should be flushed out with chemical wash and draining. It is better to use chemicals that are not very harsh on the aircon material. It may be difficult to set right the corrosion caused by chemicals. 

5. Chemical overhaul of filters and coils
Filters are the main breeding place for microorganisms and the residual area of allergens like dust and dirt. It is not enough if they are just wiped clean with a wet and dry cloth. It is important that they are chemically treated. Chemical overhauling is a must for filters. The evaporator coil should be given a chemical overhaul to make sure that heat is transferred without dust and grimes. 

6. Chemical overhaul of thermostat 
Thermostat is the most important part in an aircon because it is the part that is responsible for cooling. If the thermostat does not function properly, the cooling will not be at the optimum capacity. Thermostat should be cleaned with special chemicals that can remove the dust and dirt but will not cause any corrosion. You are assured of the temperature set in the thermostat to prevail in the room only if the thermostat is overhauled with the appropriate chemicals. 

7. Drainage pipes 
The drainage pipes tend to get blocked with fine dust and grimes. It may cause leakage in your aircon. The pipes cannot be cleaned perfectly without chemical overhaul. The chemical solution is poured inside the pipes and is flushed with water. This removes the blocks. The chemicals should be flushed thoroughly. If not it may cause damages to the pipes.

All steps in chemical overhauling should be carried out correctly. All important points should be followed without fail. You are assured of all the benefits of chemical overhauling only if it is done perfectly. A professional can certainly do a better job. He knows which chemical to use and how much chemical to use. It is better to get the services of a professional aircon servicing company for an efficient chemical overhaul. 

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