7 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

Sometimes you air conditioner does not cool your home or office even after running entire day. Though it is better to run your aircon for long time as it improves its energy efficiency but if it is not cold then it a matter of concern especially in Singapore. In such condition it becomes necessary to know why your aircon not cold even after consuming enough energy. Some tips are provided in this write-up to help you in recognising the problem in your aircon. 


Its air filter is dirty: One of the common causes of aircon not cold in Singapore is its dirty air filter. You should find out when you have changed its air filter last time. You should check its air filter regularly to keep it clean either by washing it or replacing it, as suggested by the aircon mechanic. The dirty air filter of your air conditioner can suffocate it by restricting air flow into it. The flow of cold air into your home or office from your aircon will be reduced with the reduction in air flow into it. In such condition, to maintain desired cooling either your aircon will have to work for long time or may stop working, in some cases. 


Blocked or closed vents: Another reason of your aircon not cold in Singapore is its blocked or closed vents. It is just like, if you close the vents of your unused room its environment will be suffocating. The distribution system of your air conditioners depends upon the proper functioning of its vents to a great extent otherwise it can increase the cost of aircon maintenance. The bower inside the inner unit of your aircon sucks air from your office or home through its return grilles then AC cools this air then this cold air is supplied by its blower through its supply vents. In order to maximise its air pressure the blower of the aircon is designed to push cold air against the air flow. This pressure will be redirected to the duct system of your aircon if its vents are closed or blocked. It will also lower the running speed of its blower and the supply of cold air you were getting from its supply vents will also not be enough to cool your office or home.


Dirty exterior of the condenser to AC unit: The heat absorbed from inside your home or office, by the AC unit or condenser of your air conditioner, gets deposited on its external surface. The fan of its outside unit i.e. condenser blows air over the line of warm refrigerant to get rid of this heat. In case the condenser is dirty from outside then the heat from its outer surface cannot be eliminated very effectively. Thus your aircon not cold cannot cool your home because of not getting rid of the heat from its outside.




Low level of refrigerant: The life of your air conditioner mainly depends upon its refrigerant. It may not cool your home if the level of refrigerant is not enough in your aircon. Though you aircon does not use refrigerant too much like you use gas in your car but still it needs enough amount of refrigerant to circulate properly through its entire air conditioning system. The deficiency of refrigerant in an aircon can be caused due to any leakage in its pipeline which should be repaired by professional service provider before refilling it. Usually aircon service providers check such leakages and repair them while examining your aircon not cold but if he does not repair the leaks then it can increase your cost as refrigerant is a costly item.

Leak in its air ducts: Leakage in the air ducts of your air conditioner can also be one of major reasons for aircon not cold. The air cooled by your air conditioner is carried away through its air ducts. Your aircon will not cool your home even after working properly if its air ducts are leaky. All or most of the cooled air will scatter here and there before reaching into your office or home


Many leakage points in the home: Some homes in Singapore have many points from where cool air can go away without cooling it properly. These leak points will also let hot air in to neutralise the effect of cold air coming from your aircon. Windows, doors, vents and electrical outlets etc. are some of the common destination from where air can leak into and out of your home. You will usually face aircon not cold problem if your home has such leakage problem. These leakages will not allow your aircon to cool your home or office. You should evaluate the energy efficiency of your home to locate the leakage pints in your home.


Size of aircon is smaller than required: Another major reason of aircon not cold is its inadequate size as compared to the space to be cooled. If the size of your aircon is too small then it may not cool your home even after running for the whole day. Main reason behind such events is the faster intake of heat by your home as compared to the hot air removed by your aircon. Improper installation of the aircon can also restrain it to cool your home properly. Sometimes aircon installation companies fail in calculating the size of the aircon required by your home. In such condition you will have to suffer unless you add one more aircon or replace it with the bigger aircon. Sometimes people add additional space in their room by covering outer space like porch etc. In such condition if they do not install bigger aircon or additional aircon then how their old air conditioning system will cool their room adequately. 

Thus you should consider the tips provided in this write-up if you are facing the problem of aircon not cold to take some necessary action yourself to resolve the problem. If you do not have time or not versed with the techniques then you can call a professional aircon service provider to make necessary amendments in your air conditioning unit in Singapore


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