7 Reasons To Choose Inverter Aircon

Air conditioners or aircons as they are usually known as are a common sight in majority of the households in Singapore. With dozens of brands and hundreds of configurations to choose from, consumers are up for a really torrid time when it comes to selecting the right model and make of air conditioner for their home. Some households may have the requirement to install more than one air conditioner and this will escalate the problem to a larger scale as you need to think of more than one option.

7 Reasons To Choose Inverter Aircon

Air conditioner – Asset or liability?

But before selecting the air conditioner brand and the model, you need to first of all understand how the technology behind air conditioning works so that you can fully grasp what is at stake and make a well-informed decision that helps you save money in the longer run. For a country like Singapore, where the climate is hot and humid for most of the year, you need to buy an air conditioner that cools the room temperature as quick as possible.

Plus, majority of the Singaporeans are frugal when it comes to spending money and they always look for products which offer great value for money. So when you are about to purchase your air conditioner, you should spend time to look at the various models currently available in the market and make a detailed comparison to arrive at the final decision. Modern day aircons can be broadly classified into two types – inverter type and non-inverter type. The inverter type air conditioners are far more beneficial to the consumers feature wise when compared to the non-inverter or standard type of air conditioners.

Why inverter type air conditioner?

The main reason why inverter type air conditioners are being recommended for homes is because of the fact that they come with a compressed circuit board which has the capability of handling various cooling loads. This technology is absent in non-inverter air conditioners and they offer very less cooling when compared to their inverter type counterparts. Plus, inverter type aircons are less prone to suffer from voltage fluctuations as their internal circuitry is robust in nature.

Top 7 reasons to choose inverter aircon

With progress in technology, air conditioners are only expected to offer more efficiency and value proposition to the consumers. For the time being, let us take a look at the top 7 reasons that the consumers would choose inverter type air conditioners in their homes.

1. Efficiency -
There is absolutely no doubt that inverter aircons are energy efficient. You will be saving a lot of money with regards to your electricity bills when you use inverter aircons to cool your home. Studies show that you can achieve up to 30% higher efficiency with this type of aircons.

2. Less stress on electrical circuits –
In the past, the electrical circuits of the air conditioners where the first thing to get damaged when there was too much load on it and this led to serious accidents like fire breakouts. But this is not the case with inverter aircons. Even at high loads, they have the tendency to run smoothly thanks to their even load distribution.

3. Absolutely no noise in the background –
A loud air conditioner can spoil your entire night’s sleep and create havoc in your life. Inverter aircons are relatively silent and they don’t create noise pollution for you or your neighbors.

4. Less start up time –
The time to start your air conditioner and wait for it to reach the temperature you set is very low for inverter aircons. In fact, you can achieve your desired cooling in a matter of minutes these days.

5. Higher comfort levels –
The comfort levels offered by inverter aircons are the gold standard in the industry and this stays the same even after several years of use.

6. Environment friendly –
Nowadays, the coolants used in inverter type aircons are ozone friendly and they do not cause any harm to the environment.

7. Powerful & intelligent –
Inverter type aircons are powerful and enough to offer cooling based on the size of the room so that you are able to maximize the cooling effect and prevent it from getting wasted.

It is hard to imagine us spending sultry days without air conditioning. But making the right selection on the type of air conditioning to be used will have a huge impact on your wallet and you must not compromise on this. Study the energy ratings of the air conditioners and see which model fits your budget the best and then commit yourself to the purchase.
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