7 Most Common Mitsubishi Error Code

No doubt that air conditioner is a saviour for the people living in Singapore. It is one of the most important and essential product that is used throughout the year in Singapore. Thus, it is inevitable that this electronic appliance can face some issues. One of the most used air conditioners is the Mitsubishi aircons which often shows some error codes when it has any issues. These faulty codes are often noticed when there are any problems. So, here are 7 most common error codes that you can frequently see.

Mitsubishi Error Code

#1: Error 403:

This code is shown when there is a fault in the communications between the boards in the air conditioners. You can check the details from the error of the inverter. This will give you an idea to determine which boards are causing the error. You can also check the transformer to know is there any error. Even you need to check the interconnecting cables as well as the voltage.

#2: Error 1102:

This error code is shown when the temperature of the discharge of the compressor is too high. It can be really harmful for the appliances as it can damage the internal parts. This code is shown when the temperature exceeds more than 110 degree Celsius. This can be a serious code for error. You need to call an aircon service immediately for a thorough check up and repair.

#3: Error 1301:

This code is shown when there is any error or fault of low pressure. If the pressure sensor in the air conditioner detects that there is less than 1 bar of pressure, then it will show this code. If your air conditioner is displaying this code, then call for a reliable servicing company to get your machine repaired. It needs proper maintenance and repairing to make sure that this error is not appearing again.

Mitsubishi Error Code

#4: Error A2:

This is a huge problem and in case of this error code you need to make sure that you are calling an air conditioner repairing service. This error is shown when there is a problem in the transmission processor. It often encounters a hardware problem causing a lot of problems. You have to check the communications wiring from where the main error is coming. Even there can be a fault in the Lossnay Board which can provide you with this code of error.

#5: Error E0:

This error comes under A series and it mainly occurs when there is a communication error with the remote controller. You have to check the wiring in this case. But it always recommended calling an expert professional in this case as he will understand and know the error and act on that. There can be problem in the connection and voltage as well. In case many systems are connected then you have to check the main or master settings to determine the further error.

#6: Error P5:

This error code is quite common in many air conditioners. This is a common problem which can be frequently seen. It is an error in the drains. When a very high level of condensate is detected then it is known to be drain fault. It can be due to the blockage in the drain, failure of the pump as well as problem in the tray. This problem is not that major but can be avoided with regular servicing and maintenance. If you are not that well accustomed with the repairing of the air conditioners then it is best to rely on a professional service.

#7: Error P4:

This error is mainly associated with the drain sensor fault. When there is any problem or fault in the drain sensor this error code is shown or displayed. You need to check the drain sensor resistance as well as the connection as soon as it shows such a code. This will help you to get your problem solved. In case, the problem is quite complicated and if you are not able to solve it then you need to take the help of a reliable and professional air conditioner repairing service.

Mitsubishi Error Code

Why To Choose The Best Service?

You need to get the best service for repairing your Mitsubishi air condition. In order to get the best service you have to do a lot of researches. These researches consist of looking for the reliable service with experienced technicians. It is always important to look for an air conditioning service which has licensed technician as this job is quite complicated. Only the technicians with right amount of practices and training can handle these things.

So, if you are facing these error code problems you can hire for the best air conditioner servicing company. You have to read the details about their technicians and other details before hiring. Make sure to check the reviews as well as the feedbacks to know more in details about the company. These are some of the most common error codes of aircon. But there are some more such error codes which need special attention from the experts. In this case, regular maintenance or servicing is very much important to ensure that your AC is operating perfectly without any problems.


When it comes to air conditioning problems, there can be some major issues related to the circuit boards and compressors. For this definitely you will need the best servicing company who can service your Mitsubishi Air conditioners. The error codes can be often complicated. And if you are not knowledgeable enough to handle all these problems then you need to make sure that you are hiring a professional service for yourself. You have to research properly. Gone are those days when you have to ask people for recommendations. Nowadays internet has all the options available for you to choose.

Thus, make you right decision by choosing the right service for your air conditioner. You need to make sure that it is working properly throughout the year so that you do not have to face the tremendous heat and hot weather of Singapore. No doubt, AC is the only way to save yourself from the hot and humid weather of Singapore.

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