7 Easy Aircon Servicing Tips

One thing that is unique about Singapore is the warm sunshine throughout the year. But this definitely comes with its fair share of challenges - it can get quite hot and humid sometimes. That is why it is difficult to do without an air conditioning unit both at home and office in Singapore. In fact, air conditioning unit is a necessity in most homes and offices in Singapore. But just like any other equipment, aircons are prone to wear and faults that can significantly affect their efficiency and overall performance. That is why there is need to have these devices serviced regularly to keep them in good condition for ultimate output.

Aircon Servicing

If your aircon is not cold enough, it is an indication that it needs some servicing. But how can you ensure that it has been done right? Well, we have rounded up tips that will help you get the best out your aircon servicing. Here are key are key aircon servicing tips.

• Check the Filters

The filters are some of the essential components of the aircon, and thus it should be serviced regularly. In most cases, it is usually one of the reasons why your air conditioning unit is not cold enough. Since most aircons are connected to the outside of the building, they are highly prone to dirt and dust. Note that the main work of the filter is to trap any dust particles in the air, and that is why it is prone to clogging. If the filters are clogged, it means the amount of air flowing is limited. That will in turn overwork the rest parts of the aircon, especially the compressor, to compensate for the air deficit. That will definitely lower the efficiency of the equipment, and thus more electricity is consumed for the same output.

So for your air conditioning unit to keep running at peak efficiency, you need to have the filters services routinely. Wash them thoroughly to remove the trapped dust particles. In some cases, a replacement for the filters may be necessary to keep the unit working effectively.

• Condenser Coils

In most cases, condenser coils' problems originate from blocked or logged aircon filters. If the filters are clogged; then there is a likelihood that the temperature of the evaporator coils or the condenser coils will drop to the extent of icing up. If that’s the case, then the effectiveness of the unit to cool the air getting into the room will be reduced significantly. If that is the problem, you will see the ice on the condenser coil. Make sure that you have cleaning it thoroughly for the coils to be adequately exposed. So, if the filters were blocked, it is therefore important that you also check the condenser coils as well.

Aircon Servicing

• Check the Compressor Unit

Well, this is one part of the air conditioner that requires a lot of skills to service. In fact, it is the biggest and yet the most delicate component of the aircon. In most cases, the compressor is located outside the house, and thus it is exposed to a myriad of things. Some of the primary reasons why a compressor could be failing are due to corrosion, faulty electrical connections or just the surrounding environment amongst other things.

What you should do from the start is to avoid installing your compressor in a humid environment to reduce corrosion. You also consider oiling some of the parts that could be prone to corrosion. For the motor parts, lubricate them thoroughly. You should check compressor’s electrical connection for insulation. If the compressor unit is located outside, it should be in an open space free from weed and grime.

• Check for Leaks

Leaks are some of the silent causes of aircon failure. In most cases, it is difficult to identify leaks, especially if you are not a professional technician. Leaks are mostly caused by the accumulation of dirt or corrosive materials on the ducts. The corrosion causes holes in the ducts, and that is how leaks are developed. A considerable amount of air will and Freon will be lost through the leaks thus affecting the performance of the unit. With less air and refrigerant, the aircon will never reach the optimum performance. Therefore, make sure that all holes in the duct are fixed and if the condition is too bad, have the ducts replaced.

• Automatic Thermostat

Automating air conditioning unit comes with numerous benefits to the users. For instance, you no longer need to keep switching your unit off and on to maintain favourable room temperature. With an automated thermostat, all you need is to set the optimum room temperature, and you are good to go. But these devices are also likely to fail with time, and they could be the reason why you aircon is not cold enough. So, it is important to test the performance of the automated thermostat to ascertain its functionality.

Aircon Servicing

• Check the Fuses

Sometimes, the problem could be the electrical connections. If there is a problem with the electrical aspects of the unit, then you will definitely have an aircon that is not air at the right temperature. The common problem is usually the failure of the fuses. But you need to have some basic electrical knowledge to test and fix the problem. You need to have a multi-meter to test the fuses. If there is a faulty switch, the only solution is having it replaced.

• Clean the Cooling Fan (Heat Exchanger)

Well, you may have the entire system fully serviced, but if the cooling fan or heat exchange is not working efficiently, then you will still have a problem. Make sure that it is properly cleaned to help the condenser coils absorb more heat from the air getting into the room. It is also imperative to note that a properly working heat exchanger consumer less electricity for the same output.


These are the key aircon servicing tips. If you observe them carefully, then you will never have a problem with your aircon not getting cold enough. It is imperative to note that apart from improving performance, regular servicing also increases the lifespan of the aircon unit. The amount of electricity consumed by the air conditioning unit will also reduce significantly. But to enjoy these benefits, you must hire the best and most reputable technicians in Singapore to handle the serving task.

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