6 Useful Aircon Repair Tips You Can Try

If you are a Singaporean then aircon is the most integral part of your life for the climatic situation. We all need the cool air in our home to provide a refreshing vibe all through the day. But as far as the technology is being concerned the AC can get damaged in no time. Though you will get multiple of choices of repairing experts from various companies but they took a great amount as well. But if you would know the repairing process yourself then nothing can be better than this. That is why we bring up 6 uber cool tips to repair your Air-Con easily.


Clean your AC so that it requires less repairing:

Maintenance is always better and cheaper then repairing. This is completely true for all Singaporean who faces trouble for aircon repair. Technical experts always mentioned to take a proper care of the AC to give that a long lasting service experience. The maintaining is also easy as well and can be performed in any occasion.

First check if there is any debris of leaves stuck at your AC or not as they tend to get stuck at the area of the blowing fan and easily stop the cool air flow.

The next part and one of the main crucial parts is the filter. If you clean it regularly then the AC trouble can cut down to 30%. You should clean a filter once in 15 days and have to follow it for a long time.

Thirdly you should give a proper care of cleaning to the inside pipes as well. A dirty pipe can give you an insane smell which will spread all through your room. Give bleach cleaning to the pipe and the evaporator coil to prevent further blockage of dirt and horrible smells as well.

Check if the AC has any thermostatic trouble:
This is a particular part which tends to get damaged easily and cost loads of dollars and helplessness. This part is being operated by batteries and that is the reason why this causes damage. But this particular one is bound to happen and you can not stop that. But you can know the aircon repair tips for that too.

It can want a new batteries and that’s all.
Always set the thermostat temperature inferior than the room heat
Always check the blow of the fan
The Ac unit should be turned off at that time.
Your Ac tends to get iced up and then you have to kill time until the ice melts. To melt the ice quickly, you need to stop the connection power and start blowing the fan.

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How to repair the compressor damage?

Compressor is something which regulates the whole Air-con system. If a compressor fails to work than the whole AC service gets stopped in no time. So you always need to keep a close tab on the damage of the compressor. Look the below mentioned process which are easy and can provide you the best repairing results.

The main problem that leads to the damage of compressor is the impeded ice build-up procedure. To repair this all you need to do is to replace the contractor tube.
You can also solve the compressor damage by resetting the whole system once again. And to do the process you need to turnoff the unit line from your meter box and after the work you can again start it.

What to do if the Air-con is leaking water?

Who wants to have a system that usually leaks water all the time and ACs are one of them. This problem is considered to be the most troublesome. Though an expert can give a solution of Aircon Repair in minute but what is the need of spending thousands on such petty issue. Petty issues! Yes you heard that right. You can try an expert for the first time and can follow the ways he was using and can try afterwards.

Fix the Air-con before any dysfunctions.
Don’t tend to provide a major heat wave.
Check all the equipment regularly.
Lastly, to get a life duration of your AC, use it as minimum as you can

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Check your AC ducts to make way for your air:

Generally AC ducts are made of plastic drain pipe and they absorb a lot of moisture from the weather so they tend to get damaged quickly. IF you feel comfortable in hiking to the attic then check the ducts if they working properly or not. They can soak dirt and block the water. If this has happened then follow the basic rules.

A register can accidentally close the parts so all you need to do is to remove them as soon as you can.
If water puddles around the unit the open the air handling cabinet to puddle out the excess water. Next, pull out the water and replace if needed.

Repairing tips to fix a broken AC:

This is the particular trouble which you might not solve by yourself unless you are an engineer. If your Aircon gets broken you have to replace it. There are various aircon repair agents in Singapore. They will do it in really low price. But you can do it in free with a very little effort. You can call the AC Company and show them the guarantee paper or insurance quotes coverage.

Primarily, pen down the model digit and the sequential numerals from the AC unit. These numbers are usually sticked on the back side of the AC unit.

Then call the company and provide them the quotes to replace the unit. It is sometimes better to replace a broken AC than to using it thousand times after breakage. Bring the new unit of modern technology and run your fresh air again in your room

So they are the simplest tricks to repair your Aircon in your home all by yourself. If you face any problem of AC in Singapore then remember the tips and try the tips of aircon repair and all your trouble would get solved in a blink of a second.

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