6 Tips On Aircon Installation

For most Singaporeans, living without a properly installed aircon is almost unfathomable. This is why, after purchasing the air conditioning unit, most of them would then embark on the journey of aircon installation. While you can contact a professional servicing company in Singapore for you, there is a cheaper way than you can accomplish the process, that is, if you have the time.

Tips On Aircon Installation

Tip #1: Ensure your home is prepped for installation

Before even thinking of bringing someone to do your aircon installation, the first thing would be to ensure the home is ready to be installed with an air conditioner. Whether you want your current aircon to be upgraded, or you just want a new aircon installation done to your home, it is important to ensure that it is done in fall.

Tip #2: Get discounts during the fall

Since the winter is approaching, people don’t give much damn to their aircons. At this time, you can easily get great offers because people are not purchasing. Also, during fall, companies are not busy with other aircon installations, meaning you will get your unit installed in no time. You can even dictate when aircon installation ought to be done because at this time companies are willing to abide by your order however ludicrous they may be.

Tip #3: Check your current insulation

During aircon installation, it is always a good thing to check your current insulation. Unlike what many people think of insulation as being only there to keep their house warm, this is in fact quite far from the truth. This insulation also plays a pivotal role in cooling your house. During warm months, the insulation keeps cool air in the house. On the other hand, it prevents warm air from leaving the room at winter. By having sufficient insulation, you can be sure that you will save a lot when it comes to cooling costs.

Tip #4: Choose the aircon installation type that you prefer

There are two options you can pick from. The first one is portable aircon system while the other one is whole house units. With a portable aircon, you can move it from one to room to the next. This is especially important when you will not be using all rooms at the same time.

But if most of the rooms are being used all the time, then the type aircon installation they are going to require will be the whole unit system. It doesn’t require being carried around, and is also easier to operate and more comfortable.

Tip #5: Budget

When it comes to aircone installation, just like other in most other things, your budget plays a really important role. However, this is not to say that you should make your decision entirely based on price. Just know what you set out to spend on aircon installation and stick to your budget.

Tip #6: Space

Another thing that is of equal importance in aircone installation is the availability of enough space in which to install the air conditioning unit. A big house will need one or two units while a standard aircon can be perfect for a small-to-medium house
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