6 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

As is the case with many home appliances, air cons are likely to break down when it is hottest. While it will be expensive to get it serviced, you won’t even have the luxury of calling in an expert to operate on it immediately. You will need to wait a little bit, all while undergoing the sweltering summer heat. What’s the solution? Simple. Just check your air con periodically to uncover these problems and do not wait until the disaster strikes. The following are the six reasons that could explain why your aircon not cold.

6 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

1). Dirty air filter

An air con is just as effective as its air filter. A malfunctioning air filter means that its ability to cool air is greatly hampered, something that directly contributes to the air con not cold phenomena. A properly functioning air conditioner has a robust filter system, which in turn enables it to flow cool air more smoothly. To prevent yourself from the problem of aircon not cold, it is important that you always clean the filter.

The following are sign that your filter needs changing

• Ice forms in the cooling unit
• This means that the filter is severely dirty thus restricting the conditioner’s normal flow of air. And because less heat is introduced to the cooling section, it will lead to the formation of ice.

2). Frozen condenser

This is yet another common reason behind air cons not cooling the room enough given the important role that a condenser plays in an air conditioning system.

The solution is to always wash the condenser coil at least once in a season or as may be needed.


• Turn your air conditioner off
• Grab a garden hose and use it to spray the coil
• Be careful especially if the condenser happens to be located near a dry vent or if it’s near cottonwood seeds.
• These two will literally kill your air conditioner.

3). Leaked refrigerant

Without a doubt, the single most important problem that Singaporeans face when it comes to air conditioners is leaked refrigerant. The moment you realize that your air conditioner has a leaked refrigerant, make an effort to have it replaced as soon as possible otherwise it may make the aircon not cold. Although there is the option of fixing it, the best permanent solution would be to just replace it.

4. Dirty evaporator

This is the fourth possible explanation for the fact that your air conditioner is not cooling the house as best as it should. Many years of not cleaning your aircon can lead to the evaporator being dirty. While this is a simple matter that can be prevented, many people just ignore cleaning it. When the air con malfunctions, they have to spend a lot of money on an expert to fix it. In some cases, they may even have to replace the whole evaporator system. Always conduct periodical cleaning on the evaporator to ensure that dusts and debris are removed from it.

4). Incorrect size of the air con

All too often, people either choose smaller or bigger air cons than what they need. When you choose a smaller one, you may experience the problem of your aircon not cold enough. The trick is to talk to an expert, tell them the exact measurement of your room and they will be able to recommend an air con that can adequately serve your rooms. An air conditioner of the right unit size, that is, not too big or too small for your room, will immediately correct the anomaly.

6. Broken thermostat

The thermostat is the unit that controls the temperature of the air conditioning unit, and this makes it one of the most important components of the air conditioner. At times, the problem could be that it is not correctly set, and this also leads to aircon not cold. In this case, you simply have to set it correctly. However, the problem can be much more than incorrect setting. Sometimes, the thermostat may be broken, and this will require calling in a technician to have it checked.


Your air conditioner, like all other appliances for home, must be properly taken care of. It must be checked and cleaned regularly as this alone can prevent serious damage. But in case you find any problem, do not open the gadget and start fixing things you know nothing about. Call a technician.
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