6 Health Benefits & Myths On Using Aircon

Everybody loves cool, fresh air and to get deeper in that, everyone likes a well air supplied home or room. That has made air conditioners to be essential domestic devices that solve the unbearable dry heat. An aircon does not only regulate the hot dry seasons, but it also enhances the indoor air quality. There are some factual health benefits that people get when using air conditioner in their domestic homes. On the contrary, some myths on air conditioners are also there, but they really are not the proven facts. Here are some of the myths and health benefits that come up when using the air conditioners.

6 Health Benefits & Myths On Using Aircon

Benefits of aircon

They protect against heatstroke and dehydration

Heat strokes can be caused by too much heat, whereby the body system isn’t able to standardize its temperature. If the situation is not handled immediately, there may be a mutilation in the brain and some other crucial body organs. In excess heat, dehydration may occur due to plentiful sweating (loss of water). So the air conditioner helps in;

• Preventing incidences of heat strokes by reducing the air temperature.
• Minimizing the dehydration risks by lowering the water loss through sweating.

Increase Productivity

During the dry season, the heat may cause fatigue and/or stress and that will pose negativity on both the intellect and physical activity. In these hard-to-work’ days, the air conditioner;

• Provides a cool, at ease environment to work and thus, the performance is boosted.
• Gives a person a nice sleeping environment which will help to cut down sleeplessness-related problems and prevent fatigue.

Reduces Asthma and Allergies

If one is exposed to mold, they most likely would have asthma, an allergic reaction or any respiratory difficulties. Windows are therefore supposed to be shut while using air conditioners to prevent the entry of bacteria, environmental allergens or dust. The air conditioner;

• Disinfects and filters the air inhaled by removing the dust and pollen in the air and reducing the growth of mildew and mold.

The myths about Aircon

A bigger system will give better results

If you get yourself an extra big air conditioner for the scope it is supposed to cool during those dry seasons, it will;

• Cool the home or room rapidly and then shut down prior to commencing air dehumidification.
• Cycle on and off swiftly; this increases your electricity bill and deteriorate the mechanism faster.
It is advised for an air conditioner to be sized perfectly for the place it is to be used to work efficiently. This is because; an extra big air conditioner for a house or room will work intensely and will be costly to run.

A lower temp set on the aircon will help cool the house faster

The fact here is that the air conditioner cools the house at a similar rate disregarding the temperature that you have set. What the air conditioner does is that it takes in hot air and replaces it with chilly air. The aircon will work at that same pace, if you want to cool your room or home by 15 degrees or less or during the wet season when you want to turn the heat up. Always set your air conditioner to the temperature that you want it to be, in regard to the season. Just keep in mind that for each degree you reduce, the running cost increases by almost 10 percent.

Using fans will boost the air conditioner efficiency

This is not a fact! Actually, the air conditioner operates in a certain pattern of air flow all over the house or room. So if you run a fan, you will be disrupting the air flow and it will cause more harm to the air conditioner. Bottom line is that you should not run fans if your air conditioner is on. So in general, running the fan while the air conditioner is on will;

• Shoot up the electricity bill.
• Exhaust the air conditioner as it tries to get the air flow in and out.

So an aircon is delicate yet a vital equipment that has a number of health benefits in addition to general environmental comfort. They provide you a cool breeze in your home that gives you that natural outdoor feeling. It is the ultimate gadget you need at home to regulate the air.
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