6 Aircon Tips & Tricks To Save You Money

In Singapore it is very difficult to have a comfortable life without a very effective aircon unit. But with this comfort we can some problem as well because aircon consume a lot of electricity and this electricity consumption can make you uncomfortable at the financial point of view. But if you know some tips and trick to use your aircon wisely, then you can easily save money without compromising your comfort. To help you more, in this article I am sharing 6 aircon tips &tricks that can help you save money.

6 Aircon Tips & Tricks To Save You Money

Set your thermostat high:
This is a common assumption that if you will reduce the thermostat setting then you will get faster cooling. In fact, it will take the same time for cooling but it will take more energy. Also, when you will set the thermostat at a lower level, then you will get only excessive cooling and you will have to change the setting again to get comfortable room. Instead of this, it is suggested that you set the thermostat as high as possible in a comfortable manner. With this smaller difference of outer and inner temperature, you can save money and you can get quick comfort as well.

Make a shade for the outdoor unit:
Few people find it hard to believe on this simple thing that if outdoor unit of your aircon is in shade, then it can give the same cooling with 10% less energy consumption. However, this is a fact and many experts suggest this is one of the best tips to save money while using aircon for cooling. So, simply create some shade for the outdoor unit using some shrubs or trees without blocking the airflow and save money easily.

Use blinds and curtains:
When you get direct sunlight in your rooms, then it increases the inside temperature. In this situation your aircon unit needs to work more to reduce the internal temperature and it consumes more electricity as well. Also, this direct sunlight also creates the variation in temperature because of which your aircon unit may start and stop in a very short interval and this process also consume a lot of electricity. Here, using curtain or blinds is one of the simple tips and trick that can help you avoid direct sunlight and using these tips you can save money as well with more comfort in your room.

Reduce the size of the room:
It might sound funny to you, but you can save a lot of money on cooling just by reducing the size of your room. In order to do this, you can get a false ceiling in your room and you can easily reduce the size of the room. With false ceiling you will decrease the total air area of your room and then your aircon unit will need to cool a smaller area. That means you will save electricity in cooling and ultimately you will save money as well. Other than this, you can also use some other closed furniture to reduce the size of your room in an easy manner.

Install thermostat wisely:
 This is one of those tips that can help you save money on your home cooling in an amazingly simple and effective way. If you will have electrical bulb, TV or other electronic equipment near the thermostat of your aircon unit, then its surrounding temperature will always remain high compared to other places in the room and your aircon will keep on running even after reaching to desired temperature. So, it is strongly recommended that you do no use any bulb, TV or other similar equipment near thermostat of your aircon unit.

Proper maintenance:
 If you will not take proper care of any machine, then you cannot get the best result from that and this thing is there with aircon units as well. You can try all the above mentioned tips and trick, but if you will not pay attention to its proper maintenance, then it will definitely consume more electricity and it will take more money as well from your pocket. So, if you want to save money on your aircon operation, then make sure you never miss the maintenance schedule of your aircon in any condition.
In addition to all these tips and tricks, it is also suggested that you conduct a home energy audit so you can utilize your aircon in an effective way. Also, if you have any gaps in your windows or doors, then fill those gaps as well because it also affects the cooling process and aircon unit consume more electricity for cooling.

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